Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I Review III

After examining the amazing minute details of Hot Toys MMS 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark I in the previous post, now we finally see Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I lighted up!!

The lights are really strong and bright, almost blinding in its brilliance!

This almost looks like a screen shot from the "Iron Man" movie - that's how real and how good Hot Toys MMS80 Iron Man Mark I is!

Besides the light-up chest from Tony Stark's embedded miniature arc reactor, this magnificently produced Hot Toys 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark I also has an additional light-up feature on his left forearm

It's the switch that Stark activates for flying out of the valley where he was kept captive.

Hot Toys has managed to conceal the batteries very well indeed.

Three "Button Cell" batteries (included, of course) are hidden inside the Oxygen Cylinder located on Iron Man's back. Not only that, the switch for activating the lights is located on the square box on the left of the cylinder (see the Instruction Sheet in my first post HERE)

Other features: Fire shields are located on both arms

The Fire Shields slide up or extend to cover and protect his hands. It's also where the nozzle is located. In the movie, that's where the flames shoot out. At that point, no repulsor rays yet.

Hidden missile is located on his left forearm

Cover opens to reveal missile

Close-up of the missile

I really like this latest release by Hot Toys. While the Mark III was sleek and high-tech, this Iron Man Mark I suit of armor is just as outstanding in its crudeness which is jam-packed with super nice details.


Anonymous said...

Terrific ! It's not a toy but a state-of-the-art collector's item. While Enterbay is famed on excellence in head sculpts, HT surpasses it with finer quality of costume and detailed accessories.

desmond said...

It's freaky awesome bro!! btw, will you go to STGCC?

alex teo said...

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I certainly is an art piece, a 1/6 piece of beautiful hunk of plastic made to look like metal :> and I absolutely LOVE it! I only have Enterbay's Game of Death Bruce Lee and Jack Bauer of 24 but suffice to say, Hot Toys still ROCK for me.

hey desmond, will definitely go down again. read that you'll be helping David man his store so hope to bump into you :) CHEERS!