Friday, August 14, 2009

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2009

I was invited to the STGCC2009 Opening Ceremony yesterday and this is my take of the convention. You'll see more exclusive and comprehensive coverage at the other blogs - see the listing at the end of this post but as for me, these were what piqued my interest.

Organized by PI Events (the people at Play Imaginative), the convention takes up 6,110 sq m at Suntec and features 107 exhibitors, including big names like Hasbro, Bandai and Lego. Whilst I'm familiar with the 1/6 offerings by Hot Toys featured at the Action City booth, there were a lot of pop culture to be seen.

I know a certain Calvin from Canada would be interested in these :)

His royal Air-ness, Michael "Air" Jordan

Astro "Clint" - Remember Clint Eastwood as Frank Corvin in "Space Cowboys (2000)"?

Not Mickey Mouse but Mickey Mask!!

Not Tweety but "Three-ty"

Blood Bunny, no relation to Bugs Bunny

Unsleep Sheep. Can't sleep? Try counting sheep. But what about sheep that can't sleep? What do they count?

Micro-Mic mini iron child

One of the highlights for me - seeing Brian Bolland in person. Brian Bolland is famous for Judge Dredd, Batman (especially the critically acclaimed "Batman: The Killing Joke"), Invisibles, Tank Girl, Doom Patrol and Wonder Woman, among many others. Growing up reading the comics he drew, it's really amazing to see the man up close.

I was also able to meet some of the fellow bloggers who are on my blog list :) Up until now, I've never met them in person so it was a really nice to be able to put a face to the name.

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LEon said...

Thanks for the link up Alex! Good to meet you in person too!

Little Plastic Man said...

It was great to see the 1:6 guru in person!! LOL

Dash MacBastard said...

I thought of CALVIN as soon as I saw those Mechtorians too!

Shung said...

Hi bro,

Sorry about being off-topic but I figured I might as well ask. :)

Recently, I ordered a 1:6 head sculpt off the internet and am looking for someone to paint it. Was wondering if you could recommend or knew anyone with nice painting skills for 1/6 figures (particularly for military figures, looking to achieve the realism look like eg. did's medic roe).

Thanks in advance Alex. Always a pleasure to visit your website. :)

alex teo said...

hey LEon, don't mention it :)

It was nice to meet you too, Adrian - ha! ha!

yeah DASH, Calvin has made that part clear to everyone who reads his blog ;p

hi Shung, welcome. I think there are not many head sculpt painters in Singapore and those that do charge a bomb, that's why I haven't ordered any from the internet nor got any of mine repainted. I did see some repainted head sculpts in one of the shops at China Square Central. Perhaps you can try enquiring there. CHEERS!