Monday, August 3, 2009

Toys McCoy 1/6 Super Armored Fighting Suit SAFS

The soldiers were poorly equipped to fight the Martians in "Mar Attacks!" (see previous posts). If only they had these Super Armored Fighting Suits. Toys McCoy and Medicom will be releasing a 1/6 scale Ma.k Maschinen Krieger: Super Armored Fighting Suit SAFS (limited to 600pcs worldwide) - previously previewed HERE

Price: Around USD1,200!!! At this price, only a certain few can afford it, even if it's an amazingly detailed machine at an equally amazing price - whew!! Anybody wants to sponsor me one?

Comes with lots of opening compartments

And light-up features

Check out the light-up display panel - really cool!

And as displayed at the recent SDCC show

I'm glad I have the Medicom Kubrick versions (link here)

For a complete detailed breakdown, check out the following links: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3.1, Chapter 3.2


Jay DV said...

Let's do some math, shall we?

For $1200USD, one could buy...

6-7 Hot Toys/Medicom figures
4 Enterbay Bruce Lee deluxe sets
2-4 Sideshow Premium Format statues
2 Hot Toys Tumblers + 2 DX Batman figures.
A lot of food and other living costs.

Sorry, but I don't see the value proposition in getting this SAFS suit.

alex teo said...

yup that's pretty much the sentiment going around in the forums as well. Medicom's stuff are overpriced!!! and this one's over the top!!!

desmond said...

Alex, are you buying this??

alex teo said...

only if money grow on trees and i have a whole plantation, desmond ;p - ha! ha! just nice to see the pictures and drool - wanted to share with everybody

Anonymous said...

jeez,,,thats so lame! editon of 600 (sic!) pieces? I mean 600 pieces is normal production, what is limited when you throw out 600 SAFS???

If you not amputated go for an real easy kit in 1/6 doea cost even with classic bonus ~400$.

Anyway i think it look to much plastik and less detail. for this size-price I ecxpect a bit more rivets and steel feeling. It' all over like a blown 1/16 model and the bigger they go the more details you will miss.

alex teo said...

Good to know many are in consensus about the ridiculously HIGH price of this item. Medicom should wake up to the reality already and give us quality stuff at affordable prices.

desmond said...

Alex, did you dismantle your IKEA display case when you moved house? I will be shifting to my sister's house temporary.

alex teo said...

No desmond, i got the movers to move everything as it's going to be quite a hassle to dismantle and assemble again. you got friends with lorry or van that can transport the display case?

Anonymous said...

A $1200+ pricetag?
let me see, i'll buy it if...
1. its diecast!!! or partly
2. the console is well detailed
3. decals are not cheap
4. there is lighting features
5. the pilot/driver headgear could have been at least leather and not plastic moldings. (the shoes too)
6. it is battle-weathered-textured
7. a certificate/number of production
8. a base plate/stand with logo
9. a famous headsculpt (actor/actress)
10. and lastly... i have $1,200+ in my bank account to spare!


This figure has a free LAPTOP as a promo offer! hehe....

anyways i'll start saving now so someday i can afford to buy such figure like this! :)
coz all of us sooner or later have got to buy a pricey figure as the master-centerpiece in our collections right?!

happy collecting to all!

desmond said...

Yes Alex, I have friend with lorry. If he cannot make it, I will ask for your help again..Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Pilot looks awful. Interesting design, but 1200 is a joke

alex teo said...

hey AL, i like the laptop bit - ha! ha! no matter what, USD1,200 is just TOO MUCH for any figure!!

hi dennis, agreed :)

Anonymous said...

Lex, you have plenty of high priced figures in your collection. I have a feeling you'll end up with this.

Someone show me a 1/6th mech suit with more features than this. I dare you.

That Aliens yellow suit was pretty high priced and did nothing. I'm sick of people bashing the price.

Each one take 64 hours to produce BY HAND. Each figure is video documented to insure no returns or defective craftsmanship. No other company does this. You get what you pay for.

-2 Cents

alex teo said...

hi anon, thanks for the vote of confidence - certainly would be nice to own ONE if someone would sponsor me - hint! hint!

i agree that the 1/6 mech suit has superb features but the asking price is way beyond what most of us can dish out for just one item. it's just too much, no matter how good it is, isn't USD1,200 good! the ALIENS Power Loader wasn't even a fraction of the price, more like 1/6 and the detailing is amazing and extremely movie accurate!

i think the price bashing is quite valid considering how many more other things one can get for USD1,200

thanks for your thoughts :) always nice to have more than one point of view