Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brother Production Blade Hunter

Another 1/6 scale 12-inch Rick Deckard Blade Runner action figure from the science fiction film "Blade Runner (1982)" by Ridley Scott! Besides Toy Syndicate's versions (I know of at least two), there had been other manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon but coming up short. Until now.

This release by Brother Production is quite good, especially at the price it was sold. It features a "real like head sculpt" as well as an alternate "damaged" version, 1/6 scale articulated body, his movie-accurate shirt and tie with scaled pattern, trousers or pants (depending on where you are from), trench coat (with hidden wire at the edges for more poseability), leather laced shoes, extra hands for creating the "broken fingers" look, LAPD 2019 blaster, Police ID and badge, origami unicorn (made of resin).

The figure came in a nondescript blue box so we'll just go straight to the 1/6 figure itself. Here's Brother Production "Blade Hunter" (obviously they don't have the license so they had to come up with another moniker; much better than calling the Iron Monger a "Huge Iron" - see post HERE) basic figure wearing trademark shirt with matching tie, belt with holster, pants and shoes.

From certain angles, you can see the resemblance to Harrison Ford who played Rick Deckard. Again, to avoid getting sued for copyright infringement, they opted to have the head sculpt closely resemble the actor but not totally accurate. Works for me.

This is the other head sculpt included which is the "damaged" head. Towards the end of the movie, Rick Deckard gets beaten up pretty bad by the renegade replicants he had been chasing with the intent of "retiring" them as was his job as a "blade runner". Also included is an extra pair of hands, with right hand "damaged". Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), the leader of the replicants, broke Deckard's two right fingers in retaliation for killing Zhora and Pris.

Other accessories include 1/6 scale LAPD 2019 blaster, Police ID and badge, origami unicorn (not made of paper but resin) and wrist watch

The badge has details and the words engraved "BLADEHUNTER, LOS ANGELES POLICE", Badge no. 26354

A view of his belt and holster

Another view of the head sculpt of Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, blade runner

A close-up view of the Brother Production 1/6 scale LAPD 2019 Blaster, much better than Toy Syndicate's version but the twin triggers are not obvious.

Rick Deckard Blade Runner with his jacket. Unlike Toy Syndicate's version which is worn open, this jacket is meant to be worn closed as there are snap buttons for fastening it.

And finally, Brother Production Blade Hunter puts on his trench coat

Curiously, he wears an analog wrist watch in Los Angeles, 2019

There you have it - a fine release by Brother Production!

UPDATE June 29, 2010: Review of Brother Production 1/6 scale 12-inch Revenge of the Replicant Roy Batty figure HERE

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Shaun said...

Glad you got your hands on this piece Alex, given what a big Harrison Ford fan you are. Very cool accessories, especially the alt head sculpt. Will u be switching the body out? Based on the fore arms, it looks like a old dragon body is used?

alex teo said...

hiya shaun, yup! quite pleased with this. most likely keeping the same bod. surprisingly, this figure is taller than most.

The Leopard said...

Dude, He looks so bad ass with the trench in a pose with the blaster. Thanks for sharing! I love the photos.

alex teo said...

hey leopard, you're most welcome :) BTW saw the lovely artwork on your blog - NICE!

Gary said...

Would you consider selling or trading this figure? I'm really interested. Have 3A 1:6 Kuan ti Plume and Gebi de Plume. Let me know here.

alex teo said...

Hi Gary, thanks for the offer but I have no intention to sell or trade this figure at the present moment. Thanks for the interest anyway CHEERS