Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zombie Alert 2 – DAM Toys 1/6 scale Zombie German-SS Soldier 12-inch figure preview

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No zombie German officer is complete without zombie German soldiers ;p or do zombies really have a leader? All I've seen of zombies are hordes moving as one in a mob mentality without any real leadership present. In 1932, Victor Halperin directed "White Zombie", a horror film starring Bela Lugosi. This film, capitalizing on the same voodoo zombie themes as Seabrook's book of three years prior, is often regarded as the first legitimate zombie film, and introduced the word "zombie" to the wider world.

A new version of the zombie, distinct from that described in Haitian religion, has emerged in popular culture in recent decades. This "zombie" is taken largely from George A. Romero's seminal film "The Night of the Living Dead", which was in turn partly inspired by Richard Matheson's 1954 novel "I Am Legend". The word zombie is not used in "Night of the Living Dead", but was applied later by fans. The monsters in the film and its sequels, such as "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead", as well as its many inspired works, such as "Return of the Living Dead" and "Zombi 2", are usually hungry for human flesh although "Return of the Living Dead" introduced the popular concept of zombies eating brains.

Although this modern monster bears some superficial resemblance to the Haitian zombie tradition, its links to such folklore are unclear, and many consider George A. Romero to be the progenitor of this creature. Zombie fiction is now a sizeable sub-genre of horror, usually describing a breakdown of civilization occurring when most of the population become flesh-eating zombies — a zombie apocalypse. Can't wait to see Brad Pitt pitting himself against zombies in "World War Z", coming out this year.

DAM Toys 1/6 scale Zombie German-SS Soldier 12-inch figure will come with 1/6 scale zombie head sculpt (by A FENG Taiwan), 12-inch DAM action figure body, zombie palms / hands (one pair), German Helmet + German Helmet Liner, German inner Shirt, Waffen-SS Black Wool Tunic, Waffen-SS black wool breeches, Waffen-SS Officer Aged Belt, Swastika armband, Totenkopf armband, Waffen SS collar tabs, shoulder straps (one), WW2 German p38 Holsters, Walther P38 pistol, German Cavalry Riding Boots (one pair)

Scroll down to see more preview images / pictures of DAM Toys 1/6 scale Zombie German-SS Soldier 12-inch figure

Here's a closer look at the 1/6 scale zombie head sculpt by A FENG, Taiwan

And here are pictures of both 1/6 scale Nazi zombie 12-inch figures being released by DAM Toys (Zombie German Officer was previewed in the previous post HERE)

These zombies are mostly like inspired by the film "Dead Snow (Norwegian: Død snø)", a 2009 Norwegian zombie comedy film directed by Tommy Wirkola, starring Charlotte Frogner, Stig Frode Henriksen, Bjørn Sundquist, Ane Dahl Torp and Jenny Skavlan.

If zombies are your cup of tea, then these figures look to be right up your alley :)


humanbeingill said...

They can fight my SUCKER PUNCH Babes!!

Anonymous said...

This one sixth collecting is getting madder by the day funky looking German soldiers mixed with zombie flesh eaters it !
Thanks ...Joneefubar ....