Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Check out 303Toys No.: 35003 1/6th scale Qin Soldier with sword (China Qin Dynasty soldiers)

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This is one of three China Qin Dynasty soldiers 303Toys will be releasing soon. 303Toys No.: 35003 1/6th scale Qin Soldier 12-inch figure with sword (China Qin Dynasty soldiers) will come with 1/6th scale Head sculpt, 12-inch figure Body, Clothes, Pants, Scarf, Shoes, Leg cloth, Armor, Helmet, Sword, Arrow x 3, Arrow basket / Quiver, Hands x 5, Action figure stand.

I'm pretty sure the 1/6th scale head sculpt is of someone famous in Hong Kong, most likely an actor but I just can't seem to place a name to the face. This is the only figure of the three previewed to have a helmet over his head. He also has a sword and seem to carry extra arrows for the crossbow archer previewed earlier.

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