Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 12-inch Diamond 5 "Ralap" and 1/6th scale wolf "Ghost"

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After the action figure review of DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 5 "Ralap" 12-inch figure HERE and his 1/6th scale pet wolf "Ghost" on my toy blog HERE, here's a look at the two of them together :)

Dam Toys certainly got around the Logan / Wolverine issue pretty well. This is NOT Wolverine of the X-Men and yet, one cannot help but only see Wolverine in the picture, even if the claws are not coming out of his hands but are actually Tekagi-shuko or Tiger Hook Hands which were one of the many kakushi buki or hidden weapons deployed by Ninjas.

DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6th scale Diamond 5 Ralap's facial expression is as Wolverine as one can get, from the snarling face and teeth to the unique hair-style and beard. There's just no mistaking this head sculpt for anyone else other than Logan (James Howlett) aka Wolverine even if he is supposedly "Ralap". Adding the 1/6th scale wolf into the mix is a nice touch.

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