Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Masked Riders The Next

Always nice when they get together for a group shot

Masked Riders The First and Masked Riders The Next side-by-side

You can see the difference in the colour tones of Masked Rider No. 1 from The First to The Next. Now that there's a comparison, Masked Rider No. 1 the First version looks flat and lacks depth, very two-dimensional while Masked Rider No. 1 the Next looks very much like the improved version.

Masked Rider No. 2 before and after

Masked Riders make it to the 2008 Top 10 list.


gary said...

Hi Alex,

I will be getting my Next Rider 2 and Rider 1 soon, to join my Next V3. Have a couple of RAH220 DX Kamen Riders figures. I am thinking of taking them out to display, but would they "melt" in S'pore's weather over time?

Recently, I took out my medicom Gatchaman Joe "the Condor". It has already melted after 4 years in the box!

And if you display all your figures, how to keep them dust free and stop them from melting?

Need Advice,

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Hi Gary,
The humidity in the box is much worse than the air outside. My Gatchaman Joe & friends are still good. Those displayed did not melt but the boxed ones did when left in the box in the storeroom :(

I think the newer riders have a better threshold than the earlier ones which melted away in our heat :( painful experience for me. I also decided to display them as they have less tendency to melt/disintegrate. I put my figures in glass displays (which help keep the dust out) away from the sun but still have to clean them gently once in a while. I call it Toy Therapy.

I'm no expert either but some of my medicom figures have been with me for more than ten years and are still good :) hope this info helps

gary said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the info! Now to get that glass display. Any good bargains to recommend? I am inspired to slowly build up my displays just like yours!

Best Regards,

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Hi Gary
Ikea sells the glass displays for SGD99 which is the best price so far. They are great for displaying figures!
All the best,