Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CSM Sniper Rifle with Zoom Scope

This post is about Sideshow's Cigarette Smoking Man's (CSM) high-powered sniper rifle with zoom scope mounted on a tripod (already covered CSM a.k.a. C.G.B. Spender in previous post). Although it is a very cool accessory, there is no way any of Sideshow's body type can even grasp the weapon properly because of the way the hands are designed and sculpted.

Here's another look at the weapon in question.

This sniper weapon has a cylinder like that of a revolver (??) as well as a hammer instead of bolt-action or semi-automatic (more commonly recoil or gas operation) like most sniper rifles. It has a Zoom Scope instead of the typical telescopic sight.

Now here's Wentworth Miller (head sculpt by Hot Toys) posing with said sniper rifle

"One Shot One Kill" - the mantra of all snipers worldwide

More snipers - "3 shots, 3 kills" (link here)

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