Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Sideshow Stormtrooper Review

Buoyed by some very positive comments from fellow bloggers (see previous post), I decided to post some more pictures of my Sideshow 1/6 scale 12-inch Star Wars Galactic Empire Imperial Stormtrooper. Also partly because I bought two figures and this one's going to be a lefty.

Like I mentioned before, when you remove the figure straight out of the box, he looks like this - no neck with shoulders all hunched up.

Removing the helmet/head, chest plate armor and neck sleeve, you can access the rubber bands joining the shoulder armor which are twisted too tightly, causing the shoulder armor to hunch upwards. Releasing them gives the shoulders more room and looks better

Neck sleeve put back in place

Chest plate armor positioned nicely. Notice the shoulder armor looks better

The new and improved look of Sideshow's Imperial Stormtrooper. Like I said in the previous post, don't push the helmet in all the way so that he looks like he has a neck.

Me liking the new look :)

Chest armor before applying of double-sided tape - it sticks out

Chest armor taped down - looks way better

Stormtrooper Blaster E-11 BlasTech Standard Imperial Sidearm fits snugly in the holster

Another view showing the restraining strap holding the blaster in place

Sideshow Imperial Stormtrooper with blaster raised

This one's the leftie

There you have it! Sideshow's Imperial Stormtrooper's looking mighty FINE!!

Pictures of Sideshow Imperial Stormtroopers with Darth Vader here


Joshua said...

seriously appreciate the fact you took the time to take the pics and show a step by step mod of the stormtrooper alex!!!!

was really helpful man! and i'm grateful for it!!! thanks a million.

Jcee said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I would have been a bit disappointed if it looked like it did in the first pic right out of the box. Your mods makes him look 100% better! Makes me want to get one even more!!!

supekudx said...

Master Alex,

Great tips!! I will do the same for mine.

alex teo said...

hey guys U R all most welcome :) truth is,when I took him out, my heart sank. Now I'm one happy man :)