Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Medicom Cro-Magnon MSFS 4 - GEK Cobra

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The GendarmerieEinsatzKommando (GEK) Cobra (Domestic Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism unit of the Austrian Federal Police Special Forces) was formed in 1972 as a response to the attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Cobra was the internal code name for this Special Operations unit, influenced by the TV-Show "Mission: Impossible" (German: Cobra, übernehmen Sie!) They are a well trained Counter-Terrorist commando unit, and have trained with some of the the most elite special forces units. [ source: wiki ]

The Medicom Cro-Magnon GEK Cobra was the fourth 1/6 military figure in the MSFS (Medicom Special Forces Series) line. He came with ballistic helmet with full face shield / visor, Balaclava, Earpiece with Microphone and Walkie-Talkie Radio with PTT switch, Body Armor, Assault Suit, Assault Vest with pouches and spare MP5 and AUG magazines, Gloved hands (extra hand to hold Shield), watch, pistol belt with Glock 17 9mm pistol in drop-down holster, extra pistol magazine, H&K MP5SD6 SMG with double-clip magazine and Zoom Scope Sight, Steyr (Armee Universal Gewehr) AUG (mil. StG77) assault rifle with Laser Sight, Shield with light, and assault boots.

A rather unique ballistic helmet design with full face shield / visor and ear defender incorporated

Close-up of the Assault Vest with pouches and spare MP5 and AUG magazines

The very nice and detailed 1/6 scale H&K MP5SD6 SMG with double-clip magazine, telescopic stock and Zoom Scope Sight by Medicom

Same goes for the Steyr (Armee Universal Gewehr) AUG (mil. StG77) assault rifle with Laser Sight

The Federal Ministry of Interior changed the unit's name from GEK to EKO Cobra in 2002. EKO Cobra is armed mainly with Austrian-produced weaponry. For example, in line with other Austrian executive bodies, they are equipped with the and the Glock 17 9mm pistol. Their sniper rifle of choice is the Steyr SSG 69 (SD).

Depending on the situation, they also use the 9mm Steyr TMP machine pistol (another Austrian weapon), the Franchi SPAS 12, the Heckler & Koch M512, the Remington 870, the Heckler & Koch MP5 A3, the Heckler & Koch MP7, the Glock 18 or the Heckler & Koch MZP-1 40 mm.

Because of their unique helmet design, I couldn't help but kitbash a COBRA trooper, foot soldiers of the COBRA terrorist organisation, arch enemy of the G.I. Joe team (pictures HERE)

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Anonymous said...

The first thing that got my attention is the helmet... nice! Then that huge scope on the MP5!
Special assault squads are really nice to kitbash with the face hoods, gas mask, dark uniforms...
is that really a violet colored vest?

alex teo said...

hey AL, found a great site with pictures - http://www.doppeladler.com/misc/cobra.htm - but i don't think the vest is supposed to be so BRIGHT >_<