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"BATs All, Folks" - Mego style Batman Gallery

Continued from the previous post (The Crook, the Bat and the Ugly)...

These are some of the smaller scaled Batman figures in my toy collection. By smaller scale I meant that they are shorter than 12 inches which is the height for 1/6 scale figures. These are all cloth costumed Batman figures too, meaning that they are all wearing a fabric costume over an articulated body as well as cowl, cape, belt and boots, unlike the smaller plastic molded Batman figures which I also collect and have shown in my previous posts (click on the BATMAN label on the left side-bar to view my humble Batman-themed collection). Of course Batman is not complete without his Boy Wonder sidekick Robin, the pair making up the Dynamic Duo, also known as the Caped Crusaders.

In the picture below, the vintage Mego Batman and Robin figures are right in front (they are the ones with the dotted eyes). Hasbro tried to bring back the magic of 70s Mego by introducing the DC Superheroes Golden Age Collection Batman and Robin 9" figure 2-pack. The pair of costumed crime fighters came with MEGO style cloth outfits worn over articulated pose-able bodies. The pair that I have were bought during the Clark Quay flea market days.

The Golden Age Collection Batman and Robin 9-inch figure designs are inspired by Dick Sprang, best known for his work on the superhero Batman during the period fans and historians call Golden Age of Comic Books. Sprang was responsible for the 1948 redesign of the Batmobile and the original design of the Riddler, who has appeared in film, television and other media adaptations. Sprang's Batman was notable for its square chin, expressive face and barrel chest.

Close-up view of the Hasbro DC Superheroes Golden Age Collection Batman and Robin 9-inch figures with the distinct Dick Sprang art style in front.

While googling to obtain information on the Web about Dick Sprang, I came across this 1995 “The Secrets of the Batcave” artwork done by Dick Sprang and it's a keeper for sure. The print features the most prominent members of Batman’s rouge’s gallery from the 1940s and 1950s, and many of the great “toys” Batman used to fight crime. Click on the picture for a bigger and better view. ENJOY :)

And here's the recently released Mego style Retro-action Batman 8" figure by Mattel (reviewed earlier)

Hasbro also released the Guardian of Gotham City 9" Batman (in Black suit) and Bruce Wayne by Night Action Figure Set (it came with alternate Bruce Wayne head and tuxedo) some time back.

Hasbro's Gotham City Guardian 9-inch Batman figure (standing in front) is similar to the Golden Age Collection Batman seen above. It is an articulated figure with 2 cloth costumes, depicting BATMAN (in graphite grey costume) and his alter-ego billionaire BRUCE WAYNE (in black cloth tuxedo). 2 Interchangeable heads plug onto the figure. Batman comes with removable yellow utility belt and wrist cuffs (No "swimming trunks" on this costume style).

The Guardian of Gotham City 9-inch Batman figure style is most likely based on the art of Neal Adams when he created the definitive 1970s visual interpretation that returned Batman to his gothic roots. Standing behind the Neal Adams Batman is the First Appearance Batman figure.

"The Batman Masterpiece Edition: The Caped Crusader's Golden Age" classic boxed set captured the golden age of the Caped Crusader with an exclusive action figure of the early Batman (complete with utility belt, wire-framed cape, and a Batarang); the first-ever facsimile reprint of the first Batman comic book (Not his first appearance, which was Detective Comics #27, which the figure is based upon); and a lavishly illustrated, full-color hardcover book by best-selling author Les Daniels detailing Batman's early years.

I really like the 9-inch tall "First Appearance" Batman action figure with his cloth costume / outfit, wire-frame cape that's pose-able and batarang. This figure was based on the first appearance of Batman in 1939. Note the historically accurate purple gloves. Batman has come a long way since then.

And here's a picture I took very early on when I first started my blog. It shows "First Appearance" Batman handing over the duty of protecting Gotham City to the Dynamic Duo, to be followed later by the Dark Knight.

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deSMOnd said...

Alex, so many Batman figures you must be a Batman fan :)

jedi_randy said...

Impressive collection! My first time to visit your blog and it will definitely not be the last. I am also a budding Star Wars collector, and my hauls are posted in my blog. Happy collecting, hope you could follow my blog as well:


alex teo said...

haha desmond I'm a HUGE Batman fan - I almost named my blog "The Bat Cave" becoz I was going to post all about my Batman figures but then realized that I also collect a lot of other toys so decided to go with "Toy Haven". Batman was the reason I started collecting toys in 1994 :)

THANKS jedi_randy, I'll check out your blog as well CHEERS