Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look What The Postman Brought

I received a very nice package last week from Adrian, he of Little Plastic Man fame :) If you recall, Adrian recently made a a STGCC 2011 Paper Toy which was a 3-D interpretation of the new STGCC 2011 logo I'd re-designed (see my post HERE) and he was kind enough to send the paper toy to me - THANKS once again, Adrian; Daisy's really pleased with it.

I thought it'll be nice to do a little reenactment of the little guy's journey from Little Plastic Man to Toy Haven. Any resemblance is purely coincidental and "Cube-e" is only too happy to help out.

In the pictures above and below, we see Little Plastic Man waving good-bye to "Cube-e" as he makes his way onboard Galaxy Convoy Optimus Prime. Who better than Optimus to give the protection that "Cube-e" needs for his journey, to make sure that he arrives safely to his destination.

Upon reaching Toy Haven, his final destination, Cube-e is all smiley as he disembarks from the fire truck that is Galaxy Convoy Optimus Prime.

And here are the players who were involved in this little reenactment: standing tall and proud, Takara Cybertron GC-01 Galaxy Convoy Optimus Prime as Guardian and Transporter, Kubrick-type Green Soldier as little plastic man (check out more of these "Toy Story" mini-figures HERE) and "Cube-e" as himself.

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daisy said...

thank you adrian! it's soooo cute! and it's all mine, except that i haven't gotten it back from hubby since he took these photos :( hint hint, hope my darling is reading this LOL

alex teo said...

Done & done haha :) what's mine is yours haha

Little Plastic Man said...

Ha Ha...with Optimus protecting Cube-e I am sure he will arrive safely to Toy Haven!
He must be so happy there!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

THAT was Awesomely Fun :D
Nice Job, Adrian!