Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kitbash 1/6 scale Will Smith as Robert Neville from "I am Legend"

"I Am Legend" is a 2007 post-apocalyptic science fiction action film that stars Will Smith as an Army doctor who struggles to find a cure to the virus that has affected nearly the entire population of the world. Will Smith plays virologist Robert Neville, who is immune to a man-made virus originally created to cure cancer. He works to create a remedy while defending himself against the mutated creatures created by the virus. [source: wiki]

It is 2009. A genetically-engineered variant of the measles virus meant as a cure for cancer has mutated into a lethal strain. It spreads throughout the world, killing 90% of humanity.

By September 2012, Neville is the last healthy human in New York City; the rest of the plague's survivors have degenerated into predatory, cannibalistic beings referred to as "Darkseekers" who hunt the immune humans as prey. The Darkseekers are so named for hiding during daylight due to a painful intolerance of UV radiation.

Neville's isolation is broken only by the companionship of his German Shepherd (named "Sam") and interaction with mannequins he has set up as patrons of a video store.

Robert Neville (Will Smith) uses a semi-automatic Colt AR-15 model that closely resembles an M4A1 carbine; this variant is referred to in the company's catalog as the "Law Enforcement Carbine", or the Model 6920. The LE Carbine is a semi-automatic-only variant of the M4 with a 16" barrel, but according to the Propstore of London, the weapon was modified to fire automatic for the film. His AR is also equipped with an ACOG (TA31 Series) sight attachment throughout the movie. The tactical light on the gun is a Pentagon MD3R.

This is the 1/6 scale German Shepherd (named "Sam"), Neville's only companion in his isolation

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cosmicbaby said...

Time to up-grade to the new Loading Toys Head, this one looks funi! :)

alex teo said...

thanks Marcus for the tip :) will look into it CHEERS