Thursday, August 2, 2012

Counting the cost of being Iron Man

You think it costs a lot to be Batman (see previous post)? Wait till you see how much being Iron Man cost? After compiling the costs of being Batman, has also put together the cost of being Iron Man. It's a case of the rich (Bruce Wayne) versus the rich (Tony Stark) because let's face it, poor people cannot afford to be superheroes. How accurate this is nobody really knows, but based their calculations on the following references:,,,,,,,,, and

Based on their calculations and estimates, says Tony Stark's Iron Man Mark III armor suit costs a whopping $110,302,000 which is way more than what Bruce Wayne paid for his suit but then again, Batman can't fly in his suit. That's why DC has been producing TV episodes of the animated Batman and Justice League whereas Marvel has been churning out all the movies on Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk and the Avengers. Marvel has the moolah!

Besides the armor suit, there's the cost of technology as well and Tony Stark knows that only too well.

Tony also has to rely on his super computer to do most of his stuff and a comfortable house to do all his stuff in. Money may not be able to buy you happiness but it gets you pretty close haha

And now, here's a look at all the money for the various Iron Man armor suits that Tony has spent on. Mark 1 costs him next to nothing since he put that together in a cave while under being held captive but since returning to the world from captivity, he has been producing the armor suits like nobody's business. Thing is, got it wrong when it came to War Machine. They may know their numbers but they certainly don't know their Iron Man facts / story very well. For those of us who watched the Iron man 2 movie, Jim Rhodes took the Mark II from under Tony Stark's nose and the United States government funded the reverse engineering to turn the Mark II into War Machine as part of the United States Air Force arsenal. So we should take the price tag of $115,000,000 from the final figure of $1,464,000,000 for the armor suits.

Tony Stark loves his cars too and judging from the movies released so far, he certainly has a lot of them. Well, you know what they say: fast cars and fast women go hand-in-hand ;p

So there you have it: Cost of being Iron Man - Grand Total: $1,612,717,000! Phew


James Chan said...

So Ironman is more rich huh..? Think they should do a budget version, or the 'poorest' superheroes, haha. It might be Hulk because he always running around in pants with holes, heh...

alex teo said...

you could be on to something James ;p

Humanbeingil said...

Wow, very interesting. In respects to their own plain-of- existence Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are pretty similar in terms of relative intelligence in engineering and applied sciences, Healthy bank accounts, and applying both to augment themselves with gear to become Super Heroes. As a confirmed "MEGA GEEK" I've gone over thier similarities and their probable wealth in my head before :) It's really cost to really see it broken down into actual numbers and even COOLER actual ITEMS. But, I'm curious their BOTH Billionaires correct? What's their NET worth? It's impossible to calculate I bet, secret hideout here, secret weapons there, off shore/world account who-knows-where!!! Lol, I think Tony has Bruce beat here as well.... Tony's flashier, more productives (weapons developer manufacter dealer- commercial and military) and maybe more brilliant, as he invents his OWN "toys" .. Plus cooler, he seems like a real "Baller"... Haha

"beauty is in the eye of the collector"

alex teo said...

Tony Stark is definitely on top of his game but because of his extreme wealth and flashi-ness plus near-impossible armor suits, his world is more of a make-believe whereas Bruce Wayne's Gotham City seems more gritty and real. One could even imagine that if someone was as rich as Wayne with the equal opportunity given, he could really become BATMAN because Batman is more believable as a real life superhero while Iron Man can only exists in the comic world because everything he does is beyond belief. It's GREAT that somebody actually sat down and did the numbers to come up with these lists because we all have always wanted to know but didn't know where to begin ;p