Monday, January 13, 2014

Check out artist Jason Freeny's interview in Spliced "pop culture and lifestyle" magazine

I got interested in artist Jason Freeny's work when I came across images of his anatomy of the Gummy Bear in 2D. Then I saw that he had produced 3D versions of his Gummi Bear Anatomy Puzzle toy in collaboration with 4D Master puzzle / toy maker. That really got me all excited but alas, the toys were all sold out and out of stock by then :( Then last year I was given a chance to take part in a facebook contest where Freeny would pick out only 6 people out of the many that put in their bid for this limited signed edition clear 41 parts Gummi Bear anatomy puzzle toy in a lottery style draw. Guess what? I was one of the 6 chosen. Very blessed indeed :) You can check out the full review and lots of pictures HERE

Jason Freeny has an obsession with anatomy, or to be more specific, the anatomy of toys. He hand sculpts the internal organs and bones of your favorite toys, creating amazing artworks to delight you. This is Jason Freeny's interview which was recently given in Spliced magazine. The magazine focuses on pop culture and lifestyle and it's no surprise that Jason Freeny is featured in it because he is all about pop culture. You can download the pdf versions of the magazine HERE. As for the interview itself, click on the pictures below for bigger and better views :)

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