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DAM TOYS Exhibition Exclusive Gangsters Kingdom: Side Story 1/6 Saxon 12" figure Review

My last haul for March 2015 is this DAM TOYS Exhibition Exclusive Gangsters Kingdom: Side Story 1/6th scale Saxon 12-inch action figure. This particular figure first appeared as a CICF 2014 Exclusive and I have been waiting patiently for him to come to Singapore since. I didn't want to pay the higher asking prices on the internet and managed to score him for much less - Dam Toys GKS001 Gangsters Kingdom Side Story 1/6th scale Saxon figure (CICF Expo 2014 Exclusive) was being offered by TFH at a most reasonable price so that was a pretty good deal for me.

Saxon comes with 1/6th scale head sculpt (It's a rather nice head sculpt if you like animated / caricature styled sculpts which Dam Toys have been releasing for their Gangsters Kingdom series. The HS reminds me of actor Ed Harris), 12-inch Action figure body, White long sleeve shirt, prison clothes, Leather shoes, Metal handcuffs, Metal ankle bracelets, Palm / hands x five (5)

Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom series have been about two feuding families so far, the Spade gang versus the Diamond gang. Every member has a head sculpt resembling somebody famous (actor or footballer) but done in caricature style. Saxon stands out because he is not from either gang, hence a side story. Saxon was a partner with the K of Spades before he was betrayed and now that he's dying of cancer, has decided to take revenge before his life ends.

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The packaging box has the EXHIBITION sticker pasted on it and the lid / cover is actually a one piece flap with magnets hidden on the sides which close when connected to the base box holding the figure and its accessories.

There is a full story of Saxon's history and background, and how he came to be. You can actually read the full story posted earlier on my toy blog post HERE which also had preview pictures of this figure.

Inside the box you'll find the figure in the top black foam tray and a comic book on Saxon.

The comic book has eight pages of black-and-white illustrations showing Saxon in prison and getting a visitor who promises to help him exact revenge on K of Spades. It is in English but it is not comprehensible because the one who wrote it does not have a good command of the language. It's like Japanese English - all the words are there but it doesn't really make sense. You get the gist and intent after reading through but an English teacher will rip it to bits for its massacre of the language. Nice try by Dam Toys. Good thing their products are not as bad as their English LOL

See below for some sample pages of the comic book that comes with this Dam Toys Exhibition Exclusive Saxon figure

Here's the Dam Toys Saxon figure with the white long sleeved T-shirt removed. All of the Gangsters Kingdom figures have tattoos. Dam Toys thinks that it's part and parcel of the gang culture. You cannot be in a gang if you don't have a tattoo so everyone gets a tattoo.

A revolver with four bullets and the words “Courage and luck” is tattooed on Saxon’s right arm and an hour-glass with the words “Beginning and end” is tattooed on his left arm. There's a small cross on his right index finger and a king chess piece on his left middle finger.

Accessories include: Metal handcuffs, Metal ankle bracelets, and three extra Palm / hands : a right trigger hand, a right fist and a left hand showing the middle finger.

Here's the complete DAM TOYS Exhibition Exclusive Gangsters Kingdom: Side Story 1/6th scale Saxon 12-inch action figure wearing white long sleeve tee under his orange prison garb and black boots. His hands and feet are cuffed to prevent him from escaping. Any dash for freedom would be most difficult to execute in this condition. Check out the turnaround views.

Close-up shots of the 1:6 scale Saxon head sculpt. I think the resemblance to actor Ed Harris is pretty good, even though it's done in a caricaturish way.

Close-up views of the 1:6 scale metal cuffs

One prisoner meets up with another. Saxon comes face-to-face with HPC Toys Film Series 002 1/6th scale "Jail Hero" 12-inch collectible figure aka Con-Air Cage, reviewed earlier HERE and HERE

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Kaido said...

Glad you finally got yours! I am wondering if there's a 1/6th scale prison shiv or police baton I can get for this character. It's a solid figure, but just a bit lacking in accessories.