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Comparison pictures of Hot Toys 1:6 Batman figures - Dark Knight, Arkham, 1966, 1989 etc

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Having reviewed and posted lots of pictures of the latest Hot Toys released VGM18 (Video Game Masterpiece Series) "Batman: Arkham City" 1/6th scale Batman Collectible Figure on my toy blog HERE and HERE, I was curious to know just how big and how tall this Arkham City Batman is compared to the other 1/6th scale Batman figures that have been released. Well, this post will answer that by comparing Hot Toys Arkham Batman alongside some of the other Batman figures Hot Toys has released, as well as a side-to-side comparison with some other 1:6 scale Batman figures released by other manufacturers. It may not be as comprehensive as it gets but it's a good start. It's all to do with the height and size.

The first picture above shown has Hot Toys Arkham City Batman figure standing behind Tim Burton's 1989 Michael Keaton Batman and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Christian Bale Batman. All 1:6 scale figures are by Hot Toys but not all of them are 12 inches tall. Arkham City Batman is the tallest and biggest of them all (In the game, he's 6 feet 2 inches of bulking muscles) so he really stands out here. Not sure if that's a good thing in real life because that would make Bruce Wayne too prominent in terms of size and height and would certainly stand out from among the crowd. One wouldn't have to be a detective to discover who the man behind the Batman mask is since Bruce and Bats would be of the same height and size in a city filled with normal people who wouldn't all be 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Scroll down to see more Batman size comparison pictures. Click on them for bigger and better views. I have a group picture further down this post with seven Batman figures all lined up to clearly show where they all stand in terms of height. Enjoy :)

The picture above has Hot Toys Arkham City Batman figure standing behind Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch action figure and Hot Toys Batman (1966): 1/6th scale Adam West as Bruce Wayne / Batman Collectible Figure.

Check out the pictures below of various 1:6 scale Batman figures lined up for height comparisons. You can see clearly that Hot Toys Arkham City Batman towers above the rest at 34 cm (13.4 inches) from tip of the Bat ears to feet. The rest of the Batman figures are around 31 cm (12.2 inches) so there's a difference of slightly more than one inch. Size wise, Arkham Batman is also bigger with a wrestler's type of body as compared to the rest. Click on the pictures for bigger and better views. 

Here's one more look at Hot Toys GM18 (Video Game Masterpiece Series) "Batman: Arkham City" 1/6th scale Batman 34 cm (13.4 inches) tall Collectible Figure with newly sculpted muscular body underneath the rubber Batsuit

And here's the Hot Toys MMS DX 02 The Dark Knight 1:6 scale Christian Bale Batman collectible figure. Check out my review HERE

Hot Toys 1:6 scale Arkham City Batman is 34cm (13.4 inches) tall compared to The Dark Knight Batman at 31cm (12.2 inches).

Here's Arkham City Batman next to Batman Begins Batman 

You can check out my review and pictures of this Hot Toys MMS067 The Dark Knight - Batman (Original Costume Version) which Christian Bale / Bruce Wayne first wore in Batman Begins in my earlier post HERE

Here's Christian Bale / Bruce Wayne in his first foray as crime fighter as seen in Batman Begins (on the left) before donning the full costume (right of picture)

This batsuit is the Takara version released a long time ago (reviewed HERE). The 1:6 scale Christian Bale / Bruce Wayne head sculpt is by Hot Toys. To see the Takara Bale / Wayne sculpt, check out my toy blog post HERE.

Arkham City Batman stands with spelunking Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)

Batman wasn't always dark grey and black. The Batsuit has also been depicted in gray and blue as well in the comics. The picture below shoes Arkham City Batman with Sideshow Collectibles Blue & Gray Batman.

Here's another look at the Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch action figure. You can check out the full review and lots of pictures posted HERE and HERE. I got the exclusive version which means there's a bonus Brawl Damage Portrait - check out the post HERE.

Another blue and gray Batman would be the batsuit Adam West wore as Bruce Wayne / Batman in the Batman TV series from 1966 to 1968 as well as the 1966 Batman movie.

Here's how Arkham City Batman compares with Adam West Batman.

Kaaapowie! Holy feature film, Batman. This Movie Masterpiece Series 12-inch Batman figure is based on the tongue-in-cheek, campy 1966 Batman movie which got made because of the popularity of the television series. It's a classic and a must have for me :) This just brings back all those childhood memories. See the preview pictures HERE.

Last but not least, there's this Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series DX09 1/6 Scale Batman Deluxe Collectible Figure from the 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman. Preview pictures posted HERE. Looks like my Batman list is complete :)

Arkham City Batman stands up to 1989 Tim Burton Michael Keaton Batman

That's all folks :) Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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johnny6666 said...

Thanks so much for the photos! Excellent quality, and they really do indicate the differences in height, design and presence between each figure.

Excellent work. Thank you! :)

alex teo said...

You are most welcome :) nice to be appreciated

Unknown said...

Maybe this is a weird request, but out of the 7 figures, can u list for me your most favourite to your least favourite? Tqvm!

alex teo said...

Here goes: #1–1989 Batman, #2–TDK Batman, #3–1966 Batman, #4–Christian Bale, #5–Arkham Batman, #6–Batman Begins, #7–Sideshow Batman.