Saturday, October 24, 2015

POPTOYS Style Series X19 1/6th scale WWII Captain military uniform suit A - 12" Steve Rogers

Hollywood and movie making in general tend to make things up in order to make the story / film they are selling more interesting or appealing to audiences, at times taking liberties with history in order to satisfy the current generation of moviegoers who may or may not be aware that they are being hoodwinked. One of those films was U-571, a 2000 war film about a World War II German submarine being boarded in 1942 by disguised United States Navy submariners seeking to capture her Enigma cipher machine. In reality, it was British personnel from HMS Bulldog who first captured a naval Enigma machine (from U-110 in the North Atlantic in May 1941), months before the United States had even entered the war. The anger over the inaccuracies even reached the British Parliament, where Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that the film was an "affront" to British sailors.

Also, black soldiers did not fight alongside white soldiers in the U.S. Army in World War II. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at Captain America: The First Avenger. Hollywood was just trying to be politically correct given the current situation in the United States. Racial revisionism has become so common in film that it’s almost customary, so much so that moviegoers rarely balk or even blink. One could argue that the events in the film is taking place in an alternate universe where the U.S. Army was integrated and forget about how the blacks were never allowed to fight alongside their white American comrades until the Korean War in 1951.

According to Pop Toys, actor Chris Evans who plays the role of Captain America wore military uniforms which were different when compared to the actual World War II American soldiers’ military uniforms. So they decided to make clothing according to the style of uniforms in the film.

And this is what you get :)

POPTOYS Style Series X19 1/6th scale WWII Captain military uniform suit A is very well cut and stitched and the fit on 12-inch Steve Rogers is as perfect as it can get IMHO The fabric materials used are not too thick and doesn't cause the figure to suddenly bulk up and look fat or bloated. It fits the figure very well and makes Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) look really smart and distinguished. The United States Army really knows how to dress a soldier and make him look good.

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POPTOYS Style Series X19 1/6th scale WWII Captain military uniform Model A comes with: uniform jacket, shirt, Trousers, Leather shoes, Tie, belt, captain's rank, US collar pin, eagle pattern (based on the pattern style in the movie), Silver senior army parachute chapter (Jump Wings), army Combat Infantry Badge, Blue Badge. The insignia all come loose with a sheet of double-sided tape provided for use to paste them onto the uniform jacket.

Here's 12-inch Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) - 1/6th scale head sculpt taken from Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS281 "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 1/6th scale Captain America Collectible Figure (action figure review posted on my toy blog HERE and HERE) - wearing the POPTOYS Style Series X19 1/6th scale WWII U.S. Army uniform of shirt, trousers and shoes.

And the picture below shows off the fully dressed Steve Rogers with the POP TOYS Style Series X19 1/6th scale WWII Captain military uniform suit A for 12-inch figures. Unfortunately the belt didn't fit on the jacket as shown in the preview pictures (posted HERE). In the end, the uniform still looks great without it. Check out the turnaround views.

In the film, Steve Rogers in shown wearing a Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) on his pocket flap, below his ribbons, with his jump wings above the ribbons. Proper wearing would be CIB on top, jump wings, then the ribbons, all above the pocket flap. Like I mentioned, Hollywood does take liberties with factual accuracy by creating their own history.

Close-up shots of the POP TOYS Style Series X19 1/6th scale WWII Captain military uniform suit A on a 12-inch Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) figure

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Stardoll40 said...

The likeness is amazing! Right down to those cute pouty lips.

alex teo said...

Yup :) that's why Hot Toys is rated right up there when it comes to life-like sculpts

tom said...

Hello, Alex - I have an important question (or even more) before I consider buying this set:

a) does the shirt has any working buttons or snaps or velcros at the front?

b) doe the sleeve cuffs have any working buttons or snaps or velcros?

The reason why I;m asking is that many older 1/6 shirts have their collars and sleeve cuffs just in one piece sewn only, I had it with one DiD German WWII sets - the collar was simply sewn and you couldn't get the hands through the sleeved without taking the figures palms off.

thanks in advance and best regards from Poland

alex teo said...

Hey Tom
The shirt is velcro and the jacket uses snap buttons. The sleeves are sewn tight so you have to remove the hands from the figure, slip the arms in and then put back the hands. I got this set because I really like how it fits on the figure and makes him look really good and realistic too.

tom said...

Thanks Alex,

two more things to ask:

- are the shoes plastic or leather (one of e-Bay selles wrote to me that they are leather and so it says PopToys' website)

- and are they leg-peg or full-foot, please? I prefer full-foot shoes, even though the shoelaces may sometimes be a real pain in the neck :-)

best regards from Poland!

alex teo said...

Hey Tom
The shoes are plastic molded piece (full foot) - see the picture posted in the above post. This makes it a better fit and more realistic as shoes that have feet inside tend to look bigger.

Unknown said...

hi alex i have a question.Were can i buy it

alex teo said...

hi luis, try

Anonymous said...

What body did you use for these pictures? Was it a Hot Toys body or clone body? Thank you for your time.

alex teo said...

I used a clone body :) works just as well and costs a lot less