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Review II: Hot Toys Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope 1/6th scale Chewbacca Collectible Figure

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This is my second action figure review of the recently released Hot Toys MMS262 "Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope" 1/6th scale Chewbacca 36 cm (14 inches) tall Collectible Figure which I got in September 2015 - see my toy haul post HERE

The picture below shows Hot Toys Chewbacca posed with his 1:6 scale bowcaster, also known as a laser crossbow, which was a type of traditional, handcrafted projectile weapon commonly used by Wookiees. Through the use of magnetic acceleration, bowcasters were more powerful and accurate than the average blaster. Although Chewie wears a bandolier bag with removable ammunition, we never know what the ammunition is used for because it doesn't feature anywhere on the bowcaster, nor do we see him use any of the ammo in the films.

The Wookiees were a species of tall, hairy humanoids that were native to the planet Kashyyyk. The most notable member of this species was the warrior Chewbacca, Han Solo's best friend and co-pilot, who played a vital role in the Galactic Civil War by aiding the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Galactic Empire, as well as the First Order–Resistance conflict where he fought against the First Order. They were quite strong, and were known to rip people's arms out of their sockets when provoked. Though being from a temperate planet better known for its swamps and forests, their coat of hair allowed them to be comfortable on icy worlds such as Ilum and Hoth.

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Hot Toys MMS262 "Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope" 1/6th scale Chewbacca Collectible Figure features an authentic and detailed likeness of Chewbacca as seen in Star Wars with Brown fabric hair throughout whole body, movie-accurate facial expression, approximately 36 cm (14-inch) tall newly developed body with over 30 points of articulations, two pairs of interchangeable palms including one pair of relaxed palms and one pair of palms for holding his bowcaster.

Chewbacca doesn't have much in terms of costume except for his coat of fur which appears to be glued onto a skin tight suit worn over the base body which has articulation. It seems like the recently previewed Bucky from "Captain America: Civil War" doesn't have much of a costume either, with most of the pictures being just head shots of the new head sculpt. Check out the post HERE

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NEXT: Pictures of Hot Toys MMS261 and MMS262 "Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope" 1/6th scale Han Solo and Chewbacca Collectible Figures standing together

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