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October 2016 Haul: 1/6th scale Rey & BB-8 Two-pack Set, ArtFigures DeadShot + Phicen M32

This is my October 2016 haul: Hot Toys MMS337 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 1:6 scale REY and BB-8 collectible figure set, Art Figures AF021 1/6th scale Dead Soldier 12-inch action figure and Phicen Limited PL2016-M32 1/6th scale Super Flexible Asian Male Seamless Body.

I have been pretty busy lately packing everything for the big move to the newer, smaller place which should be ready in December. Hence the lack of reviews lately :( Many figures will have to go as the display space will be greatly reduced but that hasn't stopped me from getting new stuff LOL. It will be mostly out with the old and in with the new as I'm quite the sucker for new things and the innovative ways 1:6 manufacturers (toy companies sound so wrong since the figures I collect don't fall under the TOYS category anymore) have come up with to produce collectible figures. Case-in-point would be the DollsOddSaga 1:6 scale "Outer Heaven" Exo-skeleton collectible figure which I have just reviewed on my toy blog HERE and HERE, the first of its kind with an working / articulated exo-skeleton attached to a 12-inch body.

Okay, back to the reveal just in case you think these are just empty boxes. It seems there are people who do just collect Hot Toys boxes although I think that's happening less these days. See my toy blog post titled "Hot Toys Collector or Hot Toys Box Collector? Age-old question: To open / not to open the toy1" posted HERE. When Hot Toys first came on the scene, almost every figure would be sold out fast but these days, many Hot Toys figures can still be available at many sites because the take up rate is not as high as before.

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Daisy Ridley practically came out of nowhere (a "total unknown") to snag the role of Rey in 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' and what a fine performance she gave. Brian Viner of the Daily Mail called Ridley the "real star of the show," adding that her performance as Rey should "send her career into orbit." Hot Toys MMS337 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 1:6 scale REY and BB-8 collectible figure set combines both the 12-inch Daisy Ridley as Rey with the 1:6 scale droid BB-8, a spherical robot with a free-moving domed head. BB-8 was first seen in the 88-second The Force Awakens teaser trailer released by Lucasfilm on November 28, 2014 and it bowled us over immediately. From the moment Star Wars fans laid eyes on the droid with the roly-poly body and the babyface, it was love. BB-8 has been called a breakout character of the film.

Hot Toys MMS337 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 1:6 scale REY and BB-8 collectible figure set looks rather packed with lots of accessories (goodies), certainly a lot more than the other previously released Star Wars: The Force Awakens 12-inch figures by Hot Toys. You can view them HERE

When it comes to the action genre, women usually get short-changed. For the longest time, female characters are usually there in service to the male protagonists in some way — whether a lover interest, victim, etc. It’s a issue that goes beyond Hollywood, and it’s only recently that things are starting to turn around in action. So it's refreshing to see a female lead in a Star Wars film and Daisy Ridley as Rey certainly carried the show on her shoulders very well :) Here's a close-up of the 1/6th scale Daisy Ridley as Rey head sculpt done by Hot Toys.

And here's a closer look at the 1/6th scale BB-8 by Hot Toys. BB-8 became a star the moment it appeared. Everybody loves BB-8 and I doubt there are any haters out there but I think Hot Toys got the color wrong when it came to the circular tool-bay disks. According to the DK Star Wars The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary (reviewed earlier on my toy blog HERE), BB-8'x six swappable circular tool-bay disks can be replaced and upgraded with minimal reprogramming. In the film, the disks are orange in color but Hot Toys disks are more brownish. The wrong use of color does take away a little of the cuteness of the droid character and is not move-accurate. This soccer ball that thinks it is a robot is a masterpiece of evocative design that instantly evokes a galaxy far, far away. You see BB-8, even if only in silhouette, and you immediately think Star Wars. You can check out the preview pics HERE.

Next up: Art Figures AF021 1/6th scale Dead Soldier 12-inch action figure. Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics antihero team of the same name. It is the third instalment in the DC Extended Universe. Will Smith plays Floyd Lawton / Deadshot: An expert marksman and assassin. A mercenary by day and a concerned father by night, Deadshot is a conflicted criminal who enjoys the hunt, but is still trying to do right by his young daughter. For legal reasons, this 12-inch figure by Artfigures is called "Dead Soldier" which is nowhere close to who the character is. Deadly Shooter, Elite Hitman, Unerring Marksman or Never Miss Sharpshooter might have been better names / interpretations, just saying.

The description on the back of the box says "Impeccable aim, but disregard for his own life." On wikipedia, the DC comic character Deadshot's most defining trait is his acknowledged death wish, which often manifests as him deliberately engineering situations likely to kill him. This makes him unpredictable as an opponent, as his willingness to die allows him to deliberately injure himself to achieve a goal.

Certainly glad they didn't go with Deadshot's original costume of top hat and tails or red jumpsuit and distinctive metal face plate with a targeting device on the right side. I really like this movie interpretation of the DC Comics character. On the inside of the box, the figure is referred to as "Deadshot".

Powers and abilities: Deadshot has no superhuman powers, but is the top marksman in the DC Universe, possessing superhuman-like precision, and regularly boasting to "never miss" his target. Deadshot has access to a vast array of weaponry, most notably his sniper rifle, and twin machine guns mounted on each arm.

Close-up picture taken of Art Figures AF021 1/6th scale Dead Soldier head sculpt. There have been quite a number of Will Smith head sculpts done over the years. This is another one that will go on the list. Here's a LINK to the 1:6 scale Will Smith heads that have been released over the years. You can also see the preview pics of this Art Figures Dead Soldier figure HERE.

Last but not least, this is the Phicen Limited PL2016-M32 1/6th scale Super Flexible Asian Male Seamless Body. Phicen has impressed me greatly with these super flexible seamless male bodies. You can check out my action figure review of the Phicen Limited PL2015-M30 HERE and PL2015-M31 HERE as well as comparison pictures of both figures HERE.

Preview pictures of this Phicen Limited PL2016-M32 1/6th scale Super Flexible Asian Male Seamless Body can be seen HERE. It comes with an additional pair of posing hands to the standard two pairs of fists and relaxed hands as well as a pair of yellow shorts that reminds one of Bruce Lee's iconic yellow jumpsuit / trademark costume which he wore in Game of Death, a film he never got to finish. See my action figure review of the Enterbay 1:6 scale "Game of Death" Bruce Lee 12-inch figure with integrated display base and background booth HERE. PL2016-M32 also comes with three different sized male genitalia i.e. penises for that more anatomically correct look.

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