Thursday, February 23, 2017

Seen at NY Toy Fair 2017: Cool Batman statues I'll love to get my hands on - Jonathan Matthews Black & White Batman, Batman vs Harley Quinn

The New York Toy Fair is on right now and many toys and action figures have been previewed at the annual show, touting big names like Hasbro, Lego and Mattel. Star Wars toy are everywhere and since 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the original trilogy as well as the continuation of the new story that is Episode VIII (also called "The Last Jedi"), we will no doubt be bombarded with Star Wars toys the whole of this year.

Cool Toy Review has been giving a very thorough coverage of TOY FAIR 2017 with lots and lots of pictures (check out their site HERE) but I was drawn to this particular DC Collectibles Batman Black and White statue by sculptor Jonathan Matthews. He's best known for his translation of Mike Mignola’s art on the Batman Black and White statue from most of ten years ago - check out the review and pictures I posted on my toy blog HERE. This latest Batman statue looks just as good!

More pictures can be seen at Cool Toy Review's site HERE. Besides this statue, there's also a Batman Black and White statue by the famous Korean illustrator Kim Jung Gi. Scroll down to see the pictures below as well as pictures of the Batman vs Harley Quinn Battle Statue.

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Batman Black and White statue by the famous Korean illustrator Kim Jung Gi

Batman vs Harley Quinn Battle Statue (click on the pictures for bigger and better views)

Now, when can I get my hands on that Black & White Batman statue

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Kaido said...

Thanks for posting this, had no idea about Jonathan Mathews B&W Batman figure, but I will be getting this one for sure down the road!!

Not too keen on the Kim Jung Gi's vision of B&W Batman, it's too 'out there' for me.