Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just some random Hot Toys Iron Man and War Machine / Iron Patriot pictures from my collection

Dust is of the devil. There's even a song called Dust is the Devil's Snow. As long as there is dust, we will always have jobs as cleaners and collectors are not spared either. I've been collecting for as long as I can remember and wherever you have a display, there tend to be dust built up over time. Open shelves are not the best for displaying toys and figures because the dust builds up really fast and before you know it, the figures are almost buried by the dust. Glass display shelves are one of the best for displaying figures because the enclosed cabinets help keep most of the dust out and you can have an almost dust free cabinet. I believe the best displays are those that seal the figures inside and keep the dust outside but that just means you have no access to the figures within and they are pretty much encased within a glass coffin. I like to have regular access to all my figures and so most of my glass display cabinets have swing doors so that I can regularly repose the figures and add more figures to the always growing collection.

Whenever I take the figures out of the display cabinets for their regular cleaning process, I try to snap photos of them because I enjoy taking group pictures. And these are some of the Hot Toys Iron Man collectible figures I have (missing the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 1 because it is in its own customised display - see my review of the Toysbox Acrylic Hall of Armor 1/6th scale collectible display case for Iron Man figures posted on my toy blog post HERE.)

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Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS120 "Iron Man 2" 1/6th scale War Machine Collectible Figure has certainly stood the test of time and still looks good today as it did when it was first released back in 2010. It remains my favorite War Machine to date and all the others just pale in comparison to this bulky hulk of a machine that was introduced to us in the 2010 Iron Man 2 film. You can check out the full action figure reviews posted on my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE.

Iron Patriot was introduced in the "Iron Man 3" film and Hot Toys gave us their first die-cast figure with this Hot Toys MMS195-D01 "Iron Man 3" 1/6th scale Die-cast Iron Patriot 12-inch Collectible Action Figure in 2014. In the Marvel comic books, Iron Patriot is a fictional powered exoskeleton combat suit used by several characters like Norman Osborn and Toni Ho. The alias is an amalgam of Iron Man's armor and Captain America's patriotism. This version is worn by Colonel James Rhodes as the U.S. Government's "American hero" symbol thanks to A.I.M. (in response to the events that occurred in The Avengers). Rhodey explains that focus groups indicated that "Iron Patriot" gave a better message, however, Tony Stark scoffs at the Iron Patriot concept throughout the film.

You can check out my action figure review of this Hot Toys MMS195-D01 "Iron Man 3" 1/6th scale Die-cast Iron Patriot 12-inch Collectible figure posted on my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE.

And here are three Hot Toys Iron Man figures - the Mark III, Mark IV and Mark XLV. I didn't get all the other Iron Man suits that Hot Toys released because I decided early on that I would only collect the ones I like and not every available armor out there, which includes the many variants and repaints. Iron Man has always been gold and red (or yellow and red since I started reading the comic books) and that's the way I like it.

After Mark IV, I waited a long time before deciding to add another Iron Man to the mix and XLV certainly did it for me :) see the reviews posted HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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