Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Look at Calvin's Custom: 1:18 Military Cyborgs Concept Prototypes by Cyborg Corps

Having seen the 1:18 MOTOPSYCLE:mGT by Calvin's Custom last week (check out the posts on my toy blog HERE and HERE), we had a glimpse at Calvin's 1:18 works. Little did we know 1:18 / 3.75 inches is actually Calvin's "1st love". He is 1:6 by trade and has been doing it for the last 18 years. Yet according to Calvin, he is most passionate about 1:18, as he grew up with G.I.Joe and collecting 3.75-inch action figures. He says 1:18 scale allows greater room for diorama and is even more fun as well as challenging to customize. He a big fan of Acid Rain and Boss Fight Studio himself.

To go with the 1:18 MOTOPSYCLE:mGT, Calvin is cooking up a 1:18 Futuristic Military Cyborg line. Here are some pics to give us a first look at two concept prototypes by Calvin under his All-Things Cyborg sub-brand "Cyborg Corps". Let's have a taste and see what might show up on Kickstarter later this year.

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

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Douglas Mok said...

Great stuff and hope can see them in the market very soon. (/^▽^)/

smkshp183 said...

They look scarily good. Especially the one with the open chassis. I think you just inspired me to try a custom.

Suggestion. Don't forget to get crazy with the legs. Hind legs, pipe like, wheels. I know you want them to pass for human. Either way you lean, great work boss.