Thursday, March 8, 2018

DAM TOYS 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom Heart 5 Bowen 12" figure aka Quentin Tarantino?

Bowen is a nephew of the Heart of K, head of Heart family. His mother was K’s little sister. Growing up in a prestigious environment and under the influence of his mother, Bowen found an interest in filming since he was a child. He got an 8mm camcorder as a gift from his mother on his 12th birthday, and started filming everything with it. It was his favorite gift and memorized many happy moments.

DAM TOYS GK016 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom Heart 5 Bowen 12-inch action figure features: Head sculpt, Action Body, Leather Jacket, Brown T-Shirt, Jeans, Black Belt, Palm X 5, Cowboy Boots, Gold Watch, Gold Necklace, Airsoft CO2 Ruger Gun, Cigar, Leicina 8mm Camera, Director's Seat

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