Monday, September 10, 2018

COOMODEL 2018 SHCC Limited Edition 1/6th scale Noble Knight 12-inch Collectible Figure

COOMODEL SE034 2018 SHCC Limited Edition KNIGHTS OF THE REALM 1/6th scale Noble Knight Collectible Figure (150 sets only at 2018 SHCC) specially features: head sculpt, body, Ten (10) pieces of interchangeable palms (2 bare fists, 2 open palms, 2 weapon holding hands, 2 open armored hands, and 2 weapon holding armored hands)

Costume: red shirt, black tight pants, upper body chain armor, gold distressed helmet, gold distressed armor, gold distressed plain collar shoulder armor (magnetic attached), gold distressed standing collar shoulder armor (magnetic attached), gold distressed besagews (magnetic attached), double layer leather belt, gold distressed vambraces, gold distressed knee armor, gold distressed crushes, gold distressed shoes, red distressed cape with lion pattern

Weapons: knight sword, sword scabbard, gold war hammer, silver two-handed sword, gold halberd, gold shield with dragon pattern. Accessory: brick wall figure stand

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