Thursday, September 13, 2018

Check out HH Model 1/6th scale Imperial Roman Army 12-inch action figure preview pictures

The Roman army (Latin: exercitus Romanus) was the terrestrial armed forces deployed by the Romans throughout the duration of Ancient Rome, from the Roman Kingdom (to c. 500 BC) to the Roman Republic (500–31 BC) and the Roman Empire (31 BC – 395), and its medieval continuation the Eastern Roman Empire.

HH Model 1/6th scale Imperial Roman Army 12-inch figure features: 1/6th scale head sculpt, 12-inch figure body, six (6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms, Red jacket, Brown pants, Red cloak, Red scarf, Brown wristband, Sundries bag, Marching backpack, blanket, belt, Shoes, helmet (metal), armor (metal), pauldrons (metal), Arm guard (metal), Long sword (metal), dagger (metal), Shield, Javelin (metal), kettle (metal), pot (metal), ladle (metal), ax (metal), figure display stand.

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