Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Navajo Code Talker

Even before the movie "Windtalkers (2002)" was released, Hasbro released this USMC Navajo Code Talker in 1999 with his SCR-300 radio. What was really cool about this figure was his ability to "speak" in Navajo code followed immediately with the English translation. You did this by pressing a button on his back or raising his arms, to simulate him bringing the handset to speak. He speaks 7 different phrases in Navajo code and in English, including "Surabachi secured". Sam Billison provided the voice and phrases for this figure. During the war, he was part of a specially trained group of Navajo Marines who translated radio communications into unbreakable codes using the Navajo language.


Little Plastic Man said...

Don't you think he resembles the other Navajo Code Talker in Windtalkers?

alex teo said...

Hi Adrian, Do you mean Roger Willie who played Private Charlie Whitehorse? I thot Roger looked bigger. Thanks for looking :)