Friday, August 15, 2008

The Royals are coming - Yay!

Hot Toys will be releasing British figures in Afghanistan and the head sculpts will be that of Prince William and Prince Harry - how COOL is that!! Prince William is a Tank Commander from the British Army Blues & Royals Regiment. Since Action Man got me started down this 1/6 road and fueled my passion, it's nice to have more British figures and Hot Toys goes one up and gives us Royalty. Ain't that sweet!! So sad about what happened to their mom Princess Diana and sure glad the boys were not conceived by Prince Charles and what's-her-face, Camel something? Otherwise the head sculpts will be on a different genre altogether, something along the line of Zombies/Monsters - ha! ha!

Prince William/Tank Commander is equipped with the L85A2, the standard weapon of the British Army. Dragon had been giving us the L86 LSW with their British figures.

Since the news broke about Prince Harry (once dubbed "Harry Potter" because he was caught smoking pot - hee! hee!) being deployed in Helmand, Afghanistan and had to be withdrawn (after spending ten weeks there before he was exposed by US online news website Drudge Report), I'd been waiting for some company to release a Prince Harry military figure and I'm so glad it's Hot Toys coz quality is then assured.

Harry is equipped with the L85A2 with Grenade Launcher

Can't wait to get my hands on these figures - keep it up Hot Toys!!

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