Sunday, March 1, 2009

Action Man Aquanaut

As a part of the Action Man Deep Sea Mission set was this Action Man Aquanaut, all ready and equipped for his deep sea underwater adventure! What I liked about this figure was that it differed from the original Deep Sea Diver released many many years ago as well as the GI Joe Timeless Collection version released in 1999. Action Man strived to remain relevant and this series was probably the last that still had Action Man putting on clothes for his mission. Later releases had him with molded outfits and everything was just plastic which took away the realism associated with the original Action Man which had detailed uniforms and accessories, much like the 1/6 soldiers and figures released by other 1/6 manufacturers today.

Action Man in his basic black diving suit

I liked the design of his dive suit which have "shark teeth" marks on it

Action Man with his "specialised sub aqua breathing aparatus"

Check out his "lead weight shoes" to weigh him down underwater

Back view showing his oxygen tanks

Action Man Aquanaut's steel cutters or underwater hydraulic pliers with firing missile

"Is that a giant claw you have there or are you just happy to see me?"


Little Plastic Man said...

There is something about this figure that makes me want to get it...LOL

alex teo said...

hi adrian, me like, me bought :) thanks for looking

alex teo said...

thanks Anwar. it's always very encouraging to receive comments and compliments. glad you like what you see and thanks for keeping up with the visits :)