Thursday, March 19, 2009

RoboCop's Flight Pack or Jetpack

In the "RoboCop 3 (1993)" movie, officers from the Detroit Police Department at last join forces with the beleaguered rebels but even their added firepower proves inadequate against the enemy. Just when all seems lost, the cavalry appears in the form of RoboCop - flying through the air courtesy of a prototype jetpack - firing on the Rehabs and Splatterpunks with his multi-weapon arm.

Visual consultant Craig Hayes was tasked with designing and building RoboCop's jetpack - both in miniature for use with the stop-motion puppet and in full-scale for Robert Burke to wear during the bluescreen shoot.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale 12-inch RoboCop 3 Flight Pack is very well produced and accurate. Pictures found on the internet and attached here show the movie prop and pictures I've taken of the Flight Pack match perfectly. You can expect the same attention to detail when Hot Toys 1/6 scale Terminators are released (see link here).

Picture of RoboCop Gyro/Flightpack movie prop

Designs drawn up for the Flight Pack

Actual movie prop pictures

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Flight Pack of Robocop 3

Interface/Power-up Port

View of the Jet Engine and Up/Down Direction Jet

Left Arm attachment

Close-up of the up/down direction jet

Rear view of the Flight Pack/Jetpack - compare this with the bottom right picture of the movie prop above - identical!!

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 12-inch Robocop 3 with Flight Pack was reviewed in the previous post. Other amazing machines from Hot Toys include ED-209 (link here), Power Loader (link here) from the "Aliens (1986)" movie and the Batpod (link here).


Dash MacBastard said...

More awesome pics! Thanks, Guru!

alex teo said...

hey dash you're MOST WELCOME :) It wasn't my idea to call myself Guru but I guess that title is now stuck - like to think of myself just as a fellow collector ;>