Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ACI Toys 1/6 scale Gladiator of Rome 2: Spartacus 12-inch figure PREVIEW

ACI has just released pictures of their next release - 1/6th scale Gladiator II 12-inch figure and it is going to be Spartacus! There was a year when every 1/6 scale manufacturer / toy company was releasing PMCs (Private Military Contractors) by the bus loads in every possible combination and load-outs. Then there were also the numerous 12-inch US Navy SEAL figures and Special Operations Force operators, so much so that some collectors complained of military figure burn-out! We have been seeing quite a number of rome gladiator figures released already since last year (I myself have three already) and it looks like some more are about to hit the 12-inch figure market, with the announcement by CmToys of their upcoming Warlord Edition (previewed HERE) just a few days ago and now ACI's revealing of their version of Andy Whitfield as Spartacus!

According to Bryan of ACI Toys, Spartacus will feature their new "Bruce" body with completely new sculpted chest and torso with 2-piece style articulation. All the weapons will come with diecast metal blades and one of the best new head sculpts I've ever seen :) On a personal note, I think this is the BEST Andy Whitfield as Spartacus head sculpt I've seen so far! Don't believe me? You'll have to scroll down to see it since it's hidden behind the helmet most of the time.

It appears that this particular type of Roman Gladiator is called the Provocator. The provocatores are distinguishable by a helmet without crest, a curved rectangular shield, and a sword with a straight blade. In addition, the provocator was the only gladiator to have effective protection for the upper body: a rectangular breastplate (as can be seen on the figure on the far right in the middle panel of this relief). The provocator thus lacked what was a badge of honor for other heavily-armed gladiators: a naked torso.

It was in the very nature of the gladiatorial system that fighters were ready to die, and demonstrated that readiness by baring their torsos. If the fighters had been entirely unprotected, the outcome would have been either a brief, unskilled bloodbath or an excessively cautious, boring fighting style. The juxtaposition of armed and unarmed parts of the body controlled the use of weapons and created the conditions for dynamic and skilful swordsmanship.

Provocator's were medium gladiators and usually fought each other or the Myrmillo. They were armoured with a visored helmet, a breastplate, a half-length greave on their left leg and padding on their right arm. The armament is generally analogous to that of the myrmillo, except for the ovoidal helmet, devoid of crest, so that it could not get caught in the net.

The term "provocator" is Latin for "challenger" and reflects the function of this class. The Provocator was a popular opponent for both the Myrmillo as well as several less favoured classes of gladiator.

The other edged weapon / blade he has is not his own but most likely taken off his opponent (most likely a Thraex gladiator after he had been vanquished

I have the first gladiator of Rome 12-inch action figure by ACI which was released last year and that figure is an excellent 1/6th scale figure (see my review and pictures HERE) and I highly recommend it! It was my first gladiator figure ever and you know what they say about your first haha "You always remember it!"

So there's no doubt that this figure will soon be in my possession too :) You can trust that ACI will deliver the goods in terms of quality and value-for-money. Plus this figure looks too good to resist!

Scroll down for more preview pictures of this ACI Toys 1/6 scale Gladiator of Rome 2: Spartacus 12-inch figure

Check out the 1/6 scale provocator gladiator helmet and armor details!

And finally, here's the 1/6 scale Andy Whitfield as Spartacus (Gladiator of Rome) head sculpt which in my humble opinion is the BEST by far! I don't really fancy the CmToys version so this is a most welcome sight.

Spartacus, a former gladiator and leader of slaves, led an uprising against the Roman Republic. The Third Servile War, also named as War of Spartacus, was finally crushed by Roman Militia.

Set Highlights: Newly Developed Muscular Body to allow better abdominal articulation, Newly sculpted head with great detail, Authentic "Provocator" Helmet (Plastic), Curved Sica (Metal & Plastic), Gladius Sword (Metal & Plastic), "Scutum" Shield (Plastic), Spongia / Pectoral "Breast-plate" (Plastic), Greave / Leg Armour (Left) (Plastic), Right Shoulder Armour (Plastic), Waist Belt / Torso Brace, Padded Linen Manica (Battle Worn) on both arms and legs, Loincloth with Decoration


Aronn said...

Looks good to me if it is not rubbery body like CM toys. But somehow this Spartacus looks younger than the one I seen on TV. I had thought that the CM toys head sculpt way much better represented Andy Whitfield in Blood n Sand. With KP delaying my first figure of starting a Roman army, I be happy to collect gladiators in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Are they going to fix the leg problem with this one that was on flamma

alex teo said...

let's hope so ;p

Anonymous said...

Are the cloth parts on arms and calves going to be slideing off or are they going to stay put? Do the cloth parts on flamma stay on? Do the leather strings holding it come off easaly?

alex teo said...

the cloth parts are fixed on pretty tight. if it's just like Flamma, they stay on very well ;p