Friday, October 5, 2012

Preview DAM 1/6 US Navy SEAL Riverine Ops Rifleman (Desert Camo version) 12-inch Figure

DAM Toys has released pictures of their next upcoming figure and it is going to be a U.S. Navy SEALs special forces Riverine Ops Rifleman (desert camouflage version). This 1/6 company is coming out with some DAM fine 12-inch military figures and this latest one is no exception! They are beginning to give Soldier Story a run for their money.

Riverine Operations are conducted by forces organized to cope with and exploit the unique characteristics of a riverine area, to locate and destroy hostile forces, and / or to achieve or maintain control of the riverine area. Joint riverine operations combine land, naval, and air operations, as appropriate, and are suited to the nature of the specific riverine area in which operations are to be conducted.

In the 1997 American action film "GI Jane" directed by Ridley Scott, the United States Navy SEALs were equipped similarly for the end scene battle in Libya. The gear from the movie looked to be LBVs, LC2 with CAR15s and also M16A2s.

This DAM Toys 93011 1/6th scale U.S. Navy SEAL Riverine Ops Rifleman (Desert Camo version) 12-inch Figure will come with 1/6 scale real-like Head sculpt, 12-inch action body, Black T-shirt, Special operations desert camouflage combat uniforms with flag, BDU Belt, desert camouflage jungle hat, 1879A Rifleman Chest Rig with 0990 backpack, LC2 belt, 2QT canteen with canteen cover and camo paint, 1QT canteen with canteen cover and camo paint, 0254A Medical pouch (woodland camouflage), 0902A mini buttpack, LC2 first aid / compass case, AN/PRC-148 radio and radio bag / pouch

Also comes with LASH I headset, double pistol magazine pouches, Panama outsole jungle boots, NOMEX gloves (black), Navy UDT Life Preserver (life-saving float collar), navy shore patrol whistle, SCUBAPRO twinjet fins

He carries the M14 rifle with COMP M2 Red Dot Sight, Rifle sling, M14 7.62MM magazine X 2, MK23 MOD 0 pistol, .45 pistol magazine X 2, holster, M18 smoke grenade X 2, MK13 MOD 0 flares, VIP strobe light, G-SHOCK watch, military pace counter beads, SOG X42 combat knife, carabiner

This incoming DAM Toys 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Riverine Ops Rifleman (Desert Camo version) 12-inch Military Figure is looking mighty fine indeed. Every time I tell myself I want to stop collecting military figures and focus on movie-related 1/6th scale action figures instead, these preview pictures just pull me back in ;p


Unknown said...

What a shame it does not have a g.i jane head.or that master chief  John Urgayle.

Anonymous said...

Good call! I was think GI Jane as well but I don't see a resemblance of any actor in the movie. It be nice if they used either a Viggo Mortensen or Jim Caviezel sculpt. Other than that, great set.

alex teo said...

Yup, I was hoping for a more familiar head sculpt but just can't place this one ;p