Friday, December 7, 2012

Review 1: 3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Punter Bot Sniper 12-inch Figure

The term World War Robot Universe refers to the complete fictional story and world of the World War Robot intellectual property of Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise. WWR format figures are 1/6th scale toys of the various bots and humans of the WWR Universe, while their smaller WWRp counterparts are half that size at 1/12th scale.

The Great War takes place between multiple different factions; the most obvious are the Martians, humans who have left Earth and settled on Mars seeking refuge, and the Terrans those who remain on Earth and seek to subdue the Martians to their fanatic religious ideals with violent means. Both sides utilize warbots in their ongoing conflict.

Grunts are the lowest ranking Terran soldier in the World War Robot Universe. They are described as having very little training for the battlefield and being the "pawns" in the Terran's war. The Grunts are young soldiers who are enlisted as servants for the religious purpose and are given very little investment in training.

Bot Sniper Punter is a Grunt-based character that uses a rather LARGE sniper rifle. His attire includes a boonie hat and camouflage ghillie suit. He snipes warbots!

This 3A World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Bot Sniper Punter 12-inch figure is released as a BBICN Retail Exclusive. The box over has a rather nice Ashley Wood painting / illustration artwork and the back of the box has the outline silhouette of a Dropcloth warbot as a target for sniping practice.

3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Bot Sniper Punter 12-inch figure lies in the main tray when you remove the cover and underneath the tray is the accessories tray which holds his rather large sniper rifle, camouflage ghillie suit and boonie hat / bush hat.

Another picture / shot of the camouflage ghillie suit and boonie hat / bush hat

And here's the big a$s sniper rifle

If you remove 3A Bot Sniper Punter's load bearing vest and assault vest, Punter is left with a weathered dirty T-shirt with 3A logo and camouflage pants plus boots.

All of 3A's products are heavily weathered / dirtied to give the look of a rather bleak post-apocalyptic world where war reigns and everybody's too busy fighting battles and have no time to clean themselves up, hence the perpetual grunge look

I think the threeA T-shirt was originally white in color but you can't tell now from all the dirt and grime on it ;p

I always like the gloved hands of 3A's human figures :)

Here's a close-up shot / picture of 3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 12-inch Punter Bot Sniper's 1/6 scale head sculpt with camouflage paint on his face. All the humans have a cartoonish face which keeps it interesting.

3A Bot Sniper Punter's pants are a little torn and tattered to complete the all-round grunge look of the post-apocalyptic world they live in. Even the boots are heavily worn and weathered

Another view of the 3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 12-inch Bot Sniper Punter's 1/6 scale head sculpt with camouflage paint on his face

Here's bot sniper Punter's assault vest with all the various pouches for carrying all that he needs into battle.

3A WWR Bot sniper Punter also has a side-arm (revolver) carried in a drop-down holster

And this is the 1/6 scale load bearing vest that Bot Sniper Punter carries / wears over his assault vest. There are more additional pouches attached to this load bearing vest.

NEXT: More pictures of this BBICN exclusive 1:6 scale 3A Punter Bot Sniper 12-inch figure from the classic World War Robot (WWR) line. Decked out with a guille camouflage suit / netting, this sniper is ready to take out some robots with his huge sniper gun.


Jonloh said...

your post just made me spend some moola....

alex teo said...

I'm not sure whether to apologize or be thankful for that comment, Jon ;p but I think you'll be happier for it so it's all good haha CHEERS

Jonloh said...

Yes, happy for the fact that it's mine.

alex teo said...

I'm happy for you too haha

Anonymous said...

Hey I wanna ask , how are the 3a punter wrist pegs ?
Are they easily broken ?
I just wanna ask cause I don't want to break a joint when posing my first 3a fig

alex teo said...

I have no problems with the wrist pegs. I have a number of 3a figures and they are all great in the articulation department. ENJOY :)