Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review 3: Jason Statham as Lee Christmas – Art Figures 1/6 Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch figure

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Finally where it all comes together. This is my third toy blog post / review of Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch action figure which is obviously inspired by Jason Statham as Lee Christmas from "The Expendables" movie. Having already covered the box contents and packaging in my first post / review HERE and then following that up with pictures of 1/6 scale Lee Christmas with Beretta M9 pistol drawn HERE, it's only appropriate to finish it off with pictures of 12-inch Jason Statham as Lee Christmas armed with his Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat rifle.

During the raid on Garza's compound, the majority of the Expendables can be seen carrying the Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat which is equipped with a Vltor VIS-1 monolithic upper receiver assembly. In February 2009, ISS (Independent Studio Services) received 12 Vltor VIS-1s with Diplomat barrel assemblies, with KX-3 flash-hiders. ISS also received 24 EMod stocks from Vltor, which were intended to be used in "The Expendables". The rifles were converted to full auto.

Lee's Beretta M9 pistol is holstered in a cross draw holster on his assault vest as the place where one usually keeps the pistol stored (on the thigh in a drop-down leg holster) is occupied by Lee's thigh holders for his throwing knives, which are actualy ninja weapons known as Kunai.

I have to say I am very pleased with this Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune "Lee Christmas" 12-inch action figure. Sure he's not as loaded as a military figure should be but it is pretty accurate based on the character from "The Expendables" film. In the movie, they didn't carry a lot of stuff with them but they never seem to run out of ammunition ;p the film by Sylvester Stallone was made purely for entertainment value. I am definitely looking forward to seeing "Zero Dark Thirty"

Whatever little in terms of gear and accessories this Art Figures 12-inch figure has, they are of top notch quality and I am most impressed with how it all comes together. You don't get it assembled so a little effort is required to put it altogether but the end result is most satisfying :)

Some people have commented that the head looks a bit big but the truth is, Jason Statham does have a big head and there's no hiding that. That said, I don't find this figure disproportionate at all but that's just my opinion. You can all see the pictures and be your own judge of that.

Scroll down to see more pictures of this Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune (Jason Statham as Lee Christmas) 12-inch action figure. I enjoyed taking all these pictures of him and he does look good.

Here are some close-up shots / views / pictures of 1:6 scale Jason Statham as Lee Christmas from "The Expendables" movie. As the McDonald's tagline says "I'm lovin' it!" Enjoy :)

Close-up view / picture / shot of Art Figures 1:6 scale Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat rifle - very NICE indeed. Always good to have a variety of weapons in 1:6 scale - keeps it interesting.


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I like this hope I can buy mine soon!

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I hope so too Eduardo delos reyes :)