Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Major HAUL before 2013 Chinese New Year

This is one of my biggest haul ever and it happened just before the Chinese New Year holidays which means I'll have plenty to do during the short break that's coming up :) I don't pose my hauls often but this time round, it's really quite a lot and I'm quite happy to share it.

Hauls are where I share what I've just gotten or what has just been recently released and these are the stuff that has just come out and should be hitting stores everywhere if they haven't already ;p This is just me documenting what I've gotten for myself and most of the time, the items aren't really a surprise since I've been updating and covering them in my toy blog posts. Scroll down to see the individual items I've gotten my hands on this time round :) It feels like Christmas all over again haha

The picture below shows the packaging for the ZCWO "A better tomorrow" 1/6 scale Mark Lee 12-inch collectable action figure by ZC World. I've covered this figure previously with preview pictures posted HERE but nothing beats having the figure in hand. This box is BIG and no wonder - it contains the display stand and everything else to create a mini diorama scene.

Next up: DAM Toys 1/6 scale USMC in the Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm 1991) 12-inch "Jarhead" Figure which was previewed HERE. DAM Toys has been making inroads into the 1/6 scale 12-inch figure collector's market and they are coming in hard and fast now. And it looks like they are a company to be reckoned with because they have been branching out and making their presence felt with some very nice releases and this happens to be one of them. Watch out for DAM in 2013!

DID is not far behind. Actually DID has been around for the longest time and has mostly concentrated on World War 2 (WWII) 1/6 scale military figures which I have been collecting a lot less of these days. I picked this 12-inch United States Marine Corps Ceremonial Guard "Tony" boxed set because I always have a thing for ceremonial figures and this is the BEST USMC in Dress Blues that I've ever come across so this was a definite buy for me. You can view the preview pictures HERE

Still soldiering on of course is Soldier Story. These three companies seem to be the big three right now in the area of 1/6 scale 12-inch military figures with Soldier Story concentrating on modern military figures and this Soldier Story 1/6 scale FBI CIRG (Critical Incident Response Group) 12-inch Figure is a MUST have for me. Check out their preview pictures HERE to see the awesome details plus the Jeremy Renner head sculpt.

VTS managed to put out some surprises of their own with two very interesting figures that caught many people / collectors by surprise ;p First there was the VTS (Virtual ToyS) 1/6 scale Zombie Killer "Tallahassee" 12-inch action figure (already reviewed earlier in my toy blog HERE and HERE) and then there's this: VTS VM-007 1/6th Scale Dark Soldier 12-inch Figure aka Karl Urban as John Grimm from the 2005 sci-fi horror film "DOOM" which also starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (prototype pictures can be seen HERE)

What can I say? Brother Production is still producing 12-inch figures and this latest release is the 1/6 scale "Thief" figure, obviously inspired by Robert De Niro's character Neil McCauley from the 1995 crime film "HEAT" written and directed by Michael Mann and which also starred Al Pacino and Val Kilmer. With so many companies offering so many options and choices, it's a great time to be a 12-inch figure collector :)

And I'm not even done yet haha ZCWO is also venturing into uniform sets and these two are every highly anticipated by me. ZC World ZCWO Mens Hommes MH Vol.08 1/6 scale Men's Fashion is designed and tailored for none other than Gotham City Police Department Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon (preview pictures HERE) and ZCWO Mens Hommes MH010 1/6 U.S. Air Force Officer Service Dress Uniform is meant for 12-inch Rhodes as in Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes from the Iron Man comics and movies (see pictures HERE)

My first two Phicen female figures (pale skin with middle breast size and tan skin with large breast size). Not really into female figures and don't actually own a lot of them but some of the recent female figure sets have caught my attention and I needed these to complete the look. I'm certainly excited to put them together.

Last but certainly not least, some clothing sets from Asmus Toys. One is the Asmus Toys 1/6th scale Detective Somerset suit set for 12-inch figures (NOT for Jim Gordon this time) and the other is Asmus Toys Avengers' Tony Costume set. The set includes: A printed T-Shirt with decorative sleeves, deep blue trousers, a pair of socks, a pair of black shoes and a pair of metal MK VII bracelet (which is sorely missing with MC Toys offering). You can see both sets previewed earlier in my post "Time to dress up Tony Stark in his trademark 1/6 scale civilian outfit as seen in The Avengers" HERE. The two Flirty Girl sets contain the female head and outfit intended for use with the Phicen female bodies mentioned above ;p


Unknown said...

Nice haul Alex. Just bought a Phicen / Flirtygirl Custom at SMcG Customs - Chad made me a nice deal. Hope those new phicen bodies are great. I'm very curious to see your reviews on the DAM Jarhead and VTS Dark Solider figures - looking forward to!

alex teo said...

thanks Andre :) VTS Dark Soldier coming up next ;p stay tuned haha

Tomoko said...

This is cool!