Thursday, April 18, 2013

Customized 1/6 scale light up Mark VI Arc Reactor 12" body with MC Toys Avengers attire

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As mentioned in my review of the Benny Khoo ( customized 1/6 scale Light Up Arc Reactor (Iron Man Mark VI version seen in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers) on the latest Hot Toys 12-inch figure body – TTM21 Regular body HERE, let's see how the customized body fits into the attire we see Tony Stark wearing in "The Avengers".

This is the MC Toys MCF-017 1/6 scale clothing set for 12-inch figures which includes Black Sabbath Short Sleeve silk-screen printed Tee, Dark Grey Long Sleeve Tee, Men's dark gray jeans / pants and Pampa Boots (see the preview pictures) EXCEPT that this particular version has also been customized. Putting on the dark grey long sleeve t-shirt followed by the Black Sabbath short sleeve t-shirt would add too much bulk on the figure's body, making him bulkier than the hulk so the sleeves have been cut from the dark grey tee and stitched onto the Black Sabbath t-shirt for the complete look - check out the light-up arc reactor as seen through the t-shirt :)

I have also gotten the Asmus Toys "The Avengers" Tony Stark outfit set earlier and you can check out my post HERE for the pictures and review. Always nice to have both for comparisons. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

Magic Cube / MC Toys 1:6 scale Action Figure attire / outfit set MCF-017 comes in a simple ziplock bag with all the items inside. Once opened, the items consist of Black Sabbath short sleeve t-shirt with long bark grey sleeves (CUSTOMIZED), pants and Pampa Boots

And here's 1/6 scale Tony Stark wearing the MC Toys "The Avengers" outfit

And here you see the Benny Khoo ( customized 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark VI Light Up Arc Reactor on a Hot Toys 12-inch TTM21 Regular Body

For those of you who are concerned about the battery pack posing a problem when dressing the body (see the STARK naked Tony with battery pack HERE), rest assured that the battery pack / compartment is well hidden under his clothes and cannot be seen at all, neither is it obvious.

Some side profiles / pictures to show off the MC Toys Tony Stark Avengers outfit.

Now for some close-up pictures of the Benny Khoo ( customized 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark VI Light Up Arc Reactor as seen under the Black Sabbath tee. Very COOL :)

Scroll down to see more pictures of the lighted up arc reactor as seen through the Black Sabbath tee

In the pictures below, I've taken the pair of 1/6 scale metal MK VII detecting bracelets which Tony Stark wore to suit up in his newest Iron Man armor suit (the Mark VII) from the Asmus Toys "Avengers' Stark" 1/6 scale action figure clothing set and used it with this figure instead.

This particular shot was taken just to show off the brightness of the 1/6 scale light-up arc reactor as seen through the camera lens. It is normally not so bright as this would make Tony Stark a walking target LOL

And here's an attempt to get Tony Stark in the all-too-familiar Iron Man power pose as seen on the movie posters (see the next picture below). Unfortunately, the Hot Toys TTM21 body just doesn't have that extra articulation in the abdomen area to achieve the particular desired pose.

I find Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr) head a little too big in this obviously CGI picture on the Iron Man 3 movie poster. The Iron Man armor suit encapsulating Stark's body would have given him more bulk and this pose would be impossible if he was really wearing the actual suit because of the layered armor. It's the same reason why we can never get the Hot Toys 12-inch Iron Man to strike this particular pose ;p

You can email for more information on the very impressive customized 1/6 scale light up Mark VI Arc Reactor 12-inch body. Do note that *THIS CUSTOM LIGHT UP ARC BODY IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE MANUFACTURER / BRAND OF HOT TOYS. Head sculpt and clothing are not included.

The Arc Reactor v2.0 is the Mark III version and you can check out Benny's facebook post HERE for the pictures


humanbeingill said...

Not bad at all, not bad at all....

Anonymous said...

I've got this made by BennyKhoo using TTM19 body.. It's so much better looking if u want to fit in a figure hugging clothing..