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Brother Production 1/6 scale Thief Figure or Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley in HEAT

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This is my second-part review of the recently released Brother Production Presents 1/6th scale Custom Hand Made THIEF 12-inch Action Figure which is inspired by Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley in HEAT. The first review posted HERE covered the box packaging and contents and showed 1/6 scale Neil McCauley putting on his custom made vest for carrying the eight M16 / M4 magazines just before he sets off to rob a bank. In this toy blog post, he's all dressed in his striped suit jacket and pants with white long sleeve shirt and tie plus shoes, with the vest and magazines now concealed under his jacket.

Michael Mann’s HEAT movie released in 1995 achieved both commercial and critical success, and is best known for its bank robbery-shoot-out scene where the bank robbers go full automatic on the LAPD officers in broad daylight when they are confronted. That was something worth watching all over again :) Scroll down to see more pictures of Brother Production 1/6 scale Thief 12-inch Figure or Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley in HEAT

Favorite movie quotes from the movie HEAT – Robert De Niro stars as Neil McCauley:
"Do not have any attachments, do not have anything in your life you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner"

What Neil McCauley says to Al Pacino who plays Lieutenant Vincent Hanna: "I do what I do best, I take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me."

Heat (1995) was the first time Al Pacino and Robert De Niro came together onscreen in a movie and how they square off in the the scene in the restaurant where they confront each other was just a delight to watch.

The film is based on Detective Chuck Adamson's pursuit of serial criminal Neil McCauley in the 1960s. According to the featurettes Pacino, DeNiro and the Conversation and The Making of Heat: True Crime, included in the special edition DVD, which includes a taped interview with Adamson, the scene of McCauley and Hanna in the restaurant was also based on a real event.

Adamson met the real McCauley in a coffee shop and openly discussed the possible course of future events. The scene in which McCauley abandons the precious metal heist after hearing a noise was also based on a real event. McCauley abandoned the score after one of Adamson's officers, positioned on the top floor of a building McCauley and his crew were breaking into, broke protocol to go to the toilet. McCauley heard, and withdrew.

Brother Production Presents 1/6th scale Custom Hand Made Robert De Niro THIEF 12-inch Action Figure boxed set comes with one Normal 1/6th scale Head of Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley, alternate 1/6th scale Head, Over 35 Moving Joints 12-inch Base Body, Realistic and Detailed Striped Suit, Long Sleeve White Shirt, Tie, Magazine Carrying Vest, Belt, Socks, M4 Rifle, M4 Magazine x 8, Smoke grenade x 4, SIG P226 Pistol, US Dollar Notes, Duffle Bag, Gloved Hands, Black shoes, watch cap / hood / balaclava, Sunglasses and watch. Limited Edition run of 200 pieces.

Here's Neil McCauley wearing the sunglasses

The Duffle Bag is meant to carry the US Dollar Notes which are given in uncut sheets.

The M4 rifle comes with a very ugly green elastic rifle sling which I switched out

Not a bad head sculpt of Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley at all

Here are three Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley 12-inch figures, all from different manufacturers released at different times, with the latest release being the Brother Production 1/6 scale Thief Figure.

Brother Production has released two 1/6 scale Robert DeNiro figures so far - Thief (Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley in HEAT) and Cab Driver (Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver")

Here are three of Brother Production 12-inch figure releases standing together (from left to right): 1/6 scale THIEF, New York Detective "Dirty Johnny" (reviewed HERE) and Cab Driver

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