Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review III: Hot Toys The Avengers Scarlett Johansson 1/6 Scale Black Widow Action Figure

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Here's Hot Toys Black Widow with the alien rifle blade :) Just couldn't get enough of this stunning 1/6 scale Scarlett Johansson as Agent Romanoff / Black Widow by Hot Toys. Truth be told, this figure lacks accessories but I'm just blown away by the sculpting of the head sculpt coupled with the new female body and outfit / costume. This just looks so real and truly can be called a masterpiece! Other than the two Glock 26 pistols and disc charges this figure came with, she's also equipped with a Chitauri alien rifle with blade.

Trivia: The name "chitauri" originates from Zulu mythology and is used to describe a "serpent race from the sky". Mark Millar, the creator of "The Ultimates", took the name from the writings of David Icke, who argues that these "chitauri" are in fact aliens bent on dominating humanity.

Hot Toys The Avengers Captain America 12-inch figure also came with a 1/6 scale Chitauri alien weapon included as an accessory (see pictures HERE). Hot Toys S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson on the other hand was armed with a Destroyer Gun (it harnesses the power of the Destroyer) - posted HERE. Scroll down to see more pictures of ScarJo Black Widow

Hot Toys Black Widow outfit / costume is a one-piece all black jumpsuit with matching high cut platform boots and gloves. She also has two belts, one with the Black Widow logo buckle and another for attaching her thigh holsters (she has two for her twin Glock 26 pistols) plus pouches for her disc charges. The pouches cannot be opened for storing the two loose discs which she also comes with. She wears a pair of stinger bracelets with multiple-bullet design. She comes with two almost identical stinger bracelets, one is all black and the other with real-like tazer effect. You can check out all the accessories laid out HERE

Black Widow has the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on both of her shoulder sleeves

Hot Toys Black Widow really looks nice all round :) Comes with killer looks too

There's always been the debate on rooted hair versus sculpted hair and I think it's very hard to get them right either way. That being said, I think the rooted hair turned out well in this instance. It really adds to the realism without making her look like a dollie. Barbie is a doll and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow certainly isn't. She proved she can hold her own.

The new Black Widow costume / outfit (version 2.0) is much more flexible and allows Black Widow to get into more poses (see previous post) without restricting her movement unlike the previously released version - pictures HERE.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures :)

NEXT: Comparing Hot Toys 1/6 scale Scarlett Johansson figures (there are now THREE of them) and other Hot Toys female figures.


Anonymous said...

Great review are you getting ironman mark vii hot toys?

alex teo said...

Thanks & no. HT has priced themselves out for me