Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises: 1/6th scale Selina Kyle / Catwoman 12-inch figure Review II

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Here's the Hot Toys - MMS188 (Movie Masterpiece Series) - The Dark Knight Rises: 1/6th scale Selina Kyle / Catwoman 12-inch Collectible Figure wearing her specially designed safecracking night vision googles. I am quite pleased that Hot Toys made the goggles removable but must warn everyone reading to be careful when handling the goggles. They are actually quite sturdy and handles well but better to be careful than to be sorry. The Catwoman goggles are made up of two parts: the base layer is the mask and over it you have the high tech looking goggles used for breaking into safes, hence safecracking goggles.

In the movie, Selina is never referred to as "Catwoman", although she does receive the moniker in related The Dark Knight Rises collectibles and books. Instead, emphasis is made upon her profession as a "cat" burglar in headlines shown in the film; also, her safecracking goggles resemble cat ears when not in use. This toy blog post and Selina Kyle / Catwoman 12-inch Collectible Figure review 2 is all about her wearing her goggles which we don't really see a lot of in the film. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures

As mentioned in the previous post, Selina Kyle / Catwoman's costume consist of a one-piece black patterned jumpsuit with belt and a pair of black high-heel boots.

The heels are special. They are stiletto heels that double as serrated knives

Selina Kyle / Catwoman has a pistol but I don't think it really belongs to her. Why do I say that? There's no holster for her gun ;p

In the movie, she is seen with a ČZ 75 pistol she had seized from Stryver (Burn Gorman), the right hand man of Daggett (Ben Mendelsohn) in the bar shootout. The same gun is seen during the rooftop fight.

The pistol that Hot Toys Catwoman Selina Kyle comes with is a SIG-Sauer P250 Compact and not the ČZ 75 pistol which would have been movie-accurate.

Now for a closer look at the 1/6 scale safecracking night vision googles produced by Hot Toys

There's an instruction sheet that tells you how to put on the goggles and how to rotate the glasses of the goggles. See my previous post

The goggles are nicely done. It looks like those night vision goggles that the special force operators wear when they have to operate at night, with some modifications

Hot Toys' instructions are to be careful when putting on and taking off the goggles as it may cause paint fading on the head sculpt

According to Hot Toys, you are to buckle the straps at the back of the goggles. As for me, I just slid the goggles into her head

There's a "stopper" to prevent the goggle glasses from sliding too far down the mask

Selina Kyle / Catwoman in "cat" burglar mode, armed with a pistol for self-defence

The instructions say "the glasses of the goggles can be rotated within 90 degrees" i.e. the glasses can slide up her head to show off her mask / eyes

I much prefer Selina Kyle / Catwoman with her glasses raised as she looks much prettier :)

The glasses of the goggles can be further rotated i.e. 180 degrees. When you do that, Selina Kyle / Catwoman's safecracking goggles resemble cat ears. That's very subtle and clever :) functional design with a hidden message pointing out who Selina Kyle really is: Catwoman. Check out the NEXT post for the Catwoman look ;p

NEXT: Hot Toys 12-inch Catwoman Selina Kyle collectible figure and the 1/6 scale Bat-pod. How does she look? Stay tuned.


humanbeingill said...

LOVE this figure... Like you I didn't bother unbuckling the head gear straps, I just slide them on. They ARE sturdy but NOT indestructible, I managed to pop off one of those little-square-side thingys. Easy fix though, however if it would have hit the floor it would have been lost forever and ever. It took me the better part of 1 hour to get the hair/goggles and pose just right, and currently Ms. Kyle is my favorite Hot Toy right now.

Unknown said...

Superb review-very detailed, with some sound advice & supported by excellent photography.

My scores for this figure would be: Box 3/5, Sculpt 5/5, Paint job 5/5, Costume 5/5, Durability 3/5, Extras 2/5, Value 4/5, Overall 5/5 as it looks so damn good!