Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Triad Toys still trying with 1/6 scale Gunn 4 Hire: Catalina 12-inch female biker action figure

This is an upcoming release by Triad Toys (believe it or not, they are still around). Triad Toys Sixth Scale Figure Catalina Reyes - Asset Recovery Operator will come with: Hand painted 1/6 scale female head sculpt with rooted hair, Tan Skin ALPHA Medium Bust 12-inch Female Body, Zip-up Red Colored Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Red Colored Leather Motorcycle Pants, Military Style Boots, Red Motorcycle Helmet with custom options: Removable Sun Shade, Flip-up Visor, Flip-Up Face Mask. Also included: Leather Shoulder Holster, .45 Pistol, M4 Assault Rifle with interchangeable components: Fore grip, Aim Point, Detachable magazine, Adjustable stock, Infrared illuminator. 4 pairs of interchangeable motorcycle gloved hands including Pistol Grip Hands, Open Palm Hands, Fist Hands and Power Pose Hands

Certainly looks promising from these shots / preview pictures (at least until the helmet is removed). The M4 assault rifle is perhaps a little outdated in use in the 1/6 scale world as there have been so many versions of the M4 being released over the years. It has since been replaced by the FN SCAR-L, SCAR-H LB and HK417. Even the AKM would have been a nice touch. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

The biker / motorcycle helmet looks cool

but seems a little on the big side

Aaarrgggghhhhh! Put the helmet back on

Is that supposed to be Danny Trejo (Machete) without his moustache? LOL

Not one of the best head sculpts out there

Also Triad Toys quality has been suspect for a long time. It got so bad my local retailer stopped stocking Triad Toys products and taking orders for them because it was too much hassle going back and forth with exchanges and replacement parts. Mind you, my retailer stocks almost every other 1/6 scale manufacturer's products so that must tell you just how bad Triad Toys products are.

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sath said...

somehow i find the last pic disturbing..looks like a thai transvestite..

alex teo said...

hahaha well said Sath. That's what's being talked about in the forums regarding Triad Toys female sculpts - they are too MANLY looking LOL

Unknown said...

I think shes supposed to look like Zoe Saldana in Colombiana although she never wears anything close to resembling that red leather suit...and I agree the headsculpt is a bit weird haha