Friday, December 27, 2013

AX2 "Boom!" Series Collection #2 1/6 scale Rei (clone prototype) 12-inch action figure Review II

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More pictures of Rei, still without his jacket but armed with his swords plus close-up pictures of 1/6 scale Rei head sculpt. What can I say? I really like this figure :) It features two of my favorite topics: anime / manga style head sculpt execution and post-apocalyptic themed subject. The question of "what if the future turned out bad"? Who will survive? What will survive? How will they survive?

Rei is dressed in a white short sleeve T-shirt with black sleeves sewn on to give the impression of having a double layered outfit. He also wears three-quarter pants, gloves and shoes. All his 1/6 scale attire is weathered to give the look of a bleak future where water is scarce and taking baths is a luxury nobody can afford. He also has a chain wallet tucked into his pants front pocket. Not sure what he can do with it. 12-inch Rei's 1/6 scale accessories include: two swords, one huge gun with sling, extra pair of gloved hands and additional pair of shoes with laces (exclusively for the first 100 pre-orders). Scroll down to see pictures of Rei with his two swords

The blades of his swords are made of soft plastic and painted silver to give the impression that they are metal which they aren't as mentioned. The Instruction Sheet cautions against bending the sword as it can be damaged. Who wants a crooked sword right?

Scroll down to see the rest of the turnaround views of AX2 "Boom!" Series Collection #2 1/6 scale Rei (clone prototype) 12-inch action figure.

Here are close-up pictures / views of the AX2 "Boom!" Series Collection #2 1/6 scale Rei head sculpt

NEXT: Final post of AX2 "Boom!" Series Collection #2 1/6 scale Rei (clone prototype) 12-inch action figure with his jacket and big a$$ gun which also stores his swords

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Yee said...

Everyone jumping onto the Tomorrow King's bandwagon. Not particularly any breakthrough in design for this figure and there are so many flashes of a 3A design intertwining within.
But their mecha suit version is something else. Waiting for that one to be available... or I have already missed it?