Monday, April 21, 2014

April Haul – Roman Legionary, SAS (1987-2000), Belet head, Street Fighter and Sweeney Todd

These are my April haul so far: Hot Toys Sweeney Todd 1/6 scale collectible figure, ACI Total Rome 1/6 scale Roman Legionary, MC Toys SAS (Special Air Service) CRW (Counter Revolutionary Warfare) circa 1987 - 2000 12-inch figure, Playmobil Western 5248 Covered Wagon with Raiders set, Belet 005 1/6 scale Jason Statham head sculpt and Udon Entertainment SF20: The Art of Street Fighter book.

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I missed this Hot Toys Sweeney Todd "The demon barber of Fleet Street" 1/6 scale collectible figure the first time but was glad to be able to find 12-inch Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd still available and at a discounted price which makes the deal even sweeter :) To see the preview pictures, check out my earlier toy blog post HERE. I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp and also have Hot Toys MMS-82 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale fully poseable action figure of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands from the movie of the same name. Check out my full review HERE.

ACI Total Rome 1/6 scale Roman Legionary / Optio 12-inch figure. You can check out the preview pictures HERE. An optio was a soldier in the Roman army who held a position similar to that of an executive officer in modern armies. The optio seems to have held a rank roughly equivalent to that of a modern lieutenant, reflective of his status as the second in command of the century in which he served. The main function of an optio was as an optio centuriae, the second-in-command of a century, although there were many other positions an optio could hold.

MC (Magic Cube) Toys M-035 1/6 scale SAS CRW (1987-2000) 12-inch action figure. One of the first few 12-inch figures I ever owned is the vintage Action Man SAS Action Figure from way back and it was the push I needed to jump onto the 1/6 scale bandwagon so the SAS holds a special place in my heart :) Check out my vintage Action Man SAS post HERE.

Belet 005 1/6 scale Jason Statham head sculpt. Fan of the man / actor and have already kitbashed a few versions of him - 1:6 scale Jason Statham as Frank Martin in "Transporter 3" posted HERE, Jason Statham in Rogue Assassin (pictures HERE), Jason Statham as Lee Christmas – Art Figures 1/6 Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch figure reviewed HERE.

Playmobil Western 5248 Covered Wagon with Raiders set to go with the Playmobil 5245 Western: Fort Brave (recently posted on my toy blog HERE and HERE)

Last but not least, Udon Entertainment SF20: The Art of Street Fighter book. It's a visual treat :) A most complete collection of official Street Fighter artwork ever! The book gathers over 1,500 illustrations created by Capcom's top artists over 20 years. Paintings, sketches of character design, promotional artwork and never-before-seen / published pieces of Street Fighter art.

Hours of FUN about to happen right here!

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