Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Incoming: Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai New 1/7 scale Marvel Variant Iron Man Action Figure

Square Enix is now going into the Marvel license with their Play Arts Kai Variant Iron Man, which is the first 1/7 scale Marvel action figure they will be producing. As with all Play Arts Kai figures, they tend to put their own spin on iconic characters (hence the use of the term "variant"), which always produces mixed results. They have been doing it to the DC line for years, and I haven't picked up any figure from that line until recently. My first Play Arts Kai DC Variant figure is Hawkman which I have covered in my January 2015 haul HERE.

What Square Enix does is to take all the popular DC comic book characters (the good and the bad / superheroes and supervillains) and give them a variant look which differed from how they usually looked like in the comic books. The look always ended up usually more Japanese anime / manga-like and I didn't quite fancy them.

Their take on Iron Man, however, seems to be a move in the right direction. Square Enix has given his armor a rugged look (less finished?) and made his helmet more streamlined. It looks more like actual armor compared to the more modern take of the armors (which were very smooth & finished with a spit and a shine) we have seen in the films.

There's an interesting play of colors, with the addition of a lot more black into the usual red and yellow (gold) mix. It has given the character a darker look, almost as if this is DARK Iron Man. He almost looks sinister, and definitely intimidating.

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He will probably be fully articulated, just like all Play Arts Kai figures. Accessory wise, he comes with interchangeable hands, back attachments for braking in mid flight, a missile leg attachment which simulates the firing of missiles from his legs, repulsor blasts effects for his hands and feet to simulate flight and more plus the customary figure display stand.

Square Enix has never been good with faces which was one of the reasons why their DC variant figures didn't resonate with me because Superman, Supergirl and many of the DC superheroes with faces exposed just didn't look good. Iron Man, on the other hand, wears a helmet and that's probably why he looks so bada$$ here. 

Here's a picture taken of Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant Iron Man as seen at New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2014 - Picture courtesy of Toyark (link HERE). The difference in lighting helps in showing off the nice details of the armor.

This is not your usual Iron Man but definitely a very nice variant of the Iron clad superhero with a suit of armor. This would certainly make an interesting addition to anyone's Iron Man action figure collection.

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Unknown said...

Huge fan of Square Enix but this ain't Iron Man, he looks like he should be fighting Guyver or something. Those rockets look like organic body parts coming out of his thighs too.

Now that I think about it I may buy this so I can repaint it into a freak villain.