Thursday, March 3, 2016

PHICEN Ltd unveils 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body: And it looks really good!

From Phicen:
Boasting human-like skin texture, and being super flexible, posable and durable, Phicen’s first male seamless body PL2015-M30, of muscular build, has enjoyed great popularity since it’s debut. With honor, here we introduce you, dear clients, to our 2nd seamless male body, PL2015-M31. Similarly it’s anatomically correct, but different from the 1st one, it’s of regular build and taller, which stands approximately 31cm.

Its internal skeleton armature is also made from durable stainless steel to withstand playability without being easily damaged or corrupted. Each armature has 26 points of articulation, using ball-jointed system, for maximum flexibility and movement. Each joint is designed to move freely and consistently with 90% accuracy. With the slightest effort, this body is capable of making countless dynamic poses to imitate any posture of any character.

The stainless steel armature is wrapped with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly medical-grade material specially developed for Phicen bodies. The material features durable, anti-cracking qualities that are easy to clean, but not easy to stain or dye. Additionally, the skin texture is designed to deliver a tactile experience of real skin.

I have the FIRST Phicen Limited PL2015-M30 1:6 scale Super-Flexible 12-inch Male Seamless Body and can tell you that I was blown away by the figure - see the action figure review posted on my toy blog HERE. First thing I did was put the figure into the iconic superhero landing pose which Deadpool makes fun of as the iconic superhero landing pose has been used by everyone from Iron Man to Thor to Ant-Man in the Marvel Studios films. Phicen Limited PL2015-M30 1:6 scale Super-Flexible 12-inch Male Seamless Body is the first body that has no problems making that pose and does it with ease!

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

While built for playability, this Phicen seamless figure body is NOT a toy - it is a sophisticated 1:6 scale model designed to realistically simulate the real human by using superior materials and quality execution. Anatomically correct though, it’s not designed to be a sex toy either. You’ll find this PL2015-M31 a perfect product, widely used in character design, cos-play, modeling, photography, painting, anatomy, or simply figure collection.

The PHICEN Ltd PL2015-M31 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body does not come with a head sculpt, but its skin tone matches that of most head sculpts from big 1:6 scale action figure companies.

The first Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body was more muscular and looks a lot like a body builder whereas this latest reveal looks more like a regular guy who is fit but not overly muscular. The first body was shorter at 29cm whereas this newer body will be 31cm tall.

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Sketchbook said...

I have the previous one and I love it. I really wanted them to do a more average physique like this one, but something is very wrong with the very droopy, feminine chest. It looks like implants in some of the photos…

Nealie Jean said...

Any chance you'll be getting this one too and do a side by side comparison of the 2 male Phicen bodies? Though I understand the difference in height and musculature, a visual comparison would be very helpful. Also, I am wondering how the 2 different physiques look in the same clothing (if they can even wear the same outfits). Thanks! BTW, I really appreciate your blog.

alex teo said...

@Sketchbook, let's hope the final product won't disappoint.

@Nealie Jean, I will most likely get this as well and do a side-by-side comparison. I love the first body and really want to see how it looks with this newer, taller version. Thanks for the words of encouragement about my blog :) they do make a difference. Cheers!

Unknown said...

@Sketchbook Now I can not unsee the manboobs, but still I'd buy.

@alex I appreciate your blog as well. Visiting your blog is part of my morning routine.

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree, I think it has to do with centered nipples, male nipples are NOT in the center, usually off to the sides in men who have large pecs you can't even see the nipples. If they fix that it would look much more interesting, also the pictures make it look like these bodies will have permanently penis attached.

Inka said...

toż to ożywiony posąg któregoś
z mieszkańców Olimpu :)))
niesamowity efekt - oczu nie
można oderwać od wymyślnych póz!

alex teo said...

@MinhDao Pham, Thanks for the support :)

@mageguy86, I think Phicen will go with attachable male appendages like they did with the first version. It was also previewed with the penis attached but the final product came with three attachable penises to choose from. These male seamless bodies are great for posing so I think the demand will be there.

@Inka, sorry but I don't speak polish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but thanks for the show of support as well.


Inka said...

So this is one animated statue
the Olympian :)) )
amazing effect - the eyes not
You are separated from fancy poses !

Illinor said...

Perfect body, but...
To which character belongs this head?
I want this thing.

alex teo said...

Hi Illinor, the figure will not come with any head sculpt so the head you see isn't for sale

Illinor said...

I know this, but i want to know, where i can find the same head, maybe painted. Amazing model.

alex teo said...

Sorry I can't help you with that since the pictures were taken by Phicen Ltd themselves. Perhaps it is a prototype that they might release later but no news of its availability as of now.

Unknown said...

I just received mine, unfortunately this one doesn't have attachable male appendages like the first one , it's kind of disappointing.

Now I need to find the extra attachable male appendages for this body.
If someone here purchased the first version and don't want those three attachable penises, tell me and I would love to pay for it!