Sunday, September 2, 2007

Judge Dredd 2

Before I bought the Sylvester Stallone/Judge Dredd Medicom figure or even knew of its existence (there weren't that many sources of information on toy collecting in those days nor were there that many shops to browse), I had to settle for this model kit made for the movie (the term model kit meant having to glue the pieces together and applying paint, unlike Hot Toys' "Model Kits" which meant you just have to attach the limbs to the torso & voila, you got your complete figure - ha!ha!)

Another judge dredd figure/statue I have (this thing is heavy & not the deep breathing kind!) but this one is a direct translation from the comic (there was no way they could make the eagle stick onto the right shoulder of the uniform for the movie coz you can take some liberties in comics but it just isn't plausible in real/reel life, including the enormous left shoulder pads). He's a mean looking mutherf**Ker - rightfully so since he's the judge, jury & executioner!!

A close-up view

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