Monday, May 23, 2011

Gatchaman - Battle of the Planets - G Force

This is a re-posting of an earlier post :) Some things just need a second look

What started as Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman in Japan became Battle of the Planets in the US with the team named as G-Force. Up till now, only three of the five main characters have been produced as 12" figures so the announcement that Imagi Animation Studios (Imagi) together with Hot Toys are producing collectors' action figures based on the studio's next two CG-animated feature films, Gatchaman and AstroBoy is GREAT news indeed!!

Mark (Eagle), Princess (Swan) and Jason (Falcon)

Kubrick-type version with Chief Anderson, G1 Mark (Eagle), G2 Jason (Falcon), G3 Princess (Swan), G4 Tiny (Owl) and G5 Keyop (Swallow)

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alex teo said...

Comments I got from my Facebook page (

Colin Shaw: those are so great- i would have LOVED those as a kid, and i love them now

Colin Shaw: we used to pretend we were G-Force playing around this old barn as kids- my pal Nicky was always Mark, and I played as Jason... god times, good memories

Reis O'Brien: Same here, Colin! This show was a huge hit in my neighborhood when I was a kid. Those figures are SICK!

Ewan Mah: My brother, cousin and I used to watch the cartoons as kids though they dubbed them in CHinese and Malay we'd still watch them though we didn't know what the heck was going on! Good times indeed! :)