Sunday, May 8, 2011

D is also for Dewback MINI

Seeing double? This is a different dewback from the one seen in the earlier post "D is also for Dewback". This dewback with Sandtrooper was part of the Star Wars Action Fleet series of toys in the Micro Machines family of products. The Action Fleet line of toys was produced by Galoob starting in 1995. Hasbro bought Galoob in 1997 and integrated the Micro Machines products, including Action Fleet, into their 1999 Star Wars lineup.

Battle Pack #4 was originally titled "Imperial Hunters" but was later changed to "Galactic Hunters". Only the "Imperial Hunters" version contains the IG-88 figure. The other figures were the Sandtrooper, Boba Fett, Greedo and Bossk.

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As you can probably tell from the title "Micro Machines", these figures were much smaller than the standard 3-3/4 inch action figures we saw in the earlier post. This Star Wars Action Fleet dewback is only 10 cm long and 5 cm tall (including Sandtrooper). Although much smaller in scale and size, Galoob still managed to work in the nice details for something so small.

The card highlighted "real-feel reptilian skin" of the desert lizard with a height of 1.3 to 2 meters at the shoulder and a speed of 100 kilometers a day. It's enemies? Sand People and Krayt Dragons.

The Imperial Sandtrooper is "specially trained for desert survival and has modified armor with cooling units".

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When I saw this battle pack set with the dewback inside back then, I just had to have it. Life's simple pleasures which till today, still brings a smile to my face :)

Here's a comparison of size between the 3-3/4 inch Star Wars Sandtrooper action figure with dewback and the Galoob Star Wars Action Fleet dewback with Imperial Sandtrooper. Told you those things are small. The Galoob Action Fleet dewback could pass off as a baby lizard BUT can the Action Fleet Sandtrooper pass off as a baby trooper? Are they born that way, with armor and all? LOL


laME boy said...

Haha. Micromachines. Loved playing with the cars from the line when I was a kid.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

LOL! How'd i miss this post? Sweet, little baby stormtrooper :D

alex teo said...

sweet indeed, super-D, sweet indeed ;p