Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sideshow 12-inch COBRA Firefly Review II

Having seen the nice details of the loaded gear and accessories Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 scale COBRA Saboteur FIREFLY 12-inch action figure came with in the previous post, let's now look at the figure itself.

This is one of the head sculpts Sideshow has given their Firefly figure i.e. black hooded head with deep frowns for that intense, no-nonsense look. Apparently no one knows what Firefly's real name is or what he looks like, so he stays a man of mystery.

Besides the molded black hooded headsculpt, Firefly also wears a grey sleeveless knitted vest, Gray camouflage pants, belt with drop-down holster for his HK (Heckler & Koch) Mk23 SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand) pistol with AN/PEQ-6 Laser Aiming Module (LAM) and suppressor PLUS drop-down triple magazine pouch for the Steyr TMP (Taktische Maschinenpistole / Tactical Machine Pistol) 9mm 30-round box magazines, tactical knee pads, grey waterproof gaiters and combat boots.

The belt is rather unique and current, and not like the usual standard straightforward belt. Unfortunately, it will be hidden under his grey camouflage hooded jacket when he is fully dressed. Sideshow 1:6 scale Firefly also has a Tanto fighting knife in sheath secured to his right boot.

Here is Firefly striking a familiar pose in vest and slacks, with his Mk23 pistol in one hand and Tanto fighting knife in the other.

Another close-up view of the rather impressive 1:6 scale Firefly headsculpt Sideshow has done. This new Sideshow body (Pro Body 1.1 with over 30+ points of articulation) is rather good and tight and holds the poses without problems, unlike the previous bodies used for their 12-inch figures, such as Indiana Jones, Professor Henry Jones Sr and the Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers with their weak joints, including the ankles and inability to stand for too long before toppling over and taking a dive.

Now a close-up picture taken of the drop-down triple magazine pouch for the TMP 30-round magazines, tactical knee pads, grey waterproof gaiters and combat boots.

Check out the cool belt the Sideshow Firefly has on and the drop-down holster for storing his Mk23 pistol. Note the extra reinforcements for his pants around the crotch area (pretty neat) and the Tanto fighting knife in sheath secured around his right boot.

And here's Firefly with his goggles on, wearing his grey camouflaged jacket with hood over his gray knit vest, and armed with the Steyr TMP and radio detonator. I did not add the backpack and accessories yet (that'll be in the next post) as I wanted to show the hooded jacket before it is blocked by the backpack.

And here's Sideshow COBRA Firefly with the hood up, ready to take on G.I. Joe!

Get Ready to be BLOWN away!

Close-up shot of the grey camouflage hooded jacket, TMP 9mm SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) with foldable stock extended, M68 close combat optic sight, suppressor and 30-round magazine loaded.

In the next post on this excellent figure by Sideshow, Firefly will switch to the other headsculpt with the grey camouflage hood and carry all his accessories in his backpack as well as his suitcase bomb.


Anonymous said...

Is the body TTL? How is the durability of the sideshow body compared with the Hot toys body?

fuzzfoot said...

Those goggles would be great for a steampunk kitbash. Or maybe they could be used to make -RoG- from I-Mockery? So many fun accessories with this one!

alex teo said...

This is the new and improved Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 12-inch Prometheus body and it is good & tight, no loose limbs and weak knees here :>

hey fuzzfoot, U R rite! This particular figure has so many possibilities and i highly recommend it.

desmond said...

WOW!! Sideshow develops new bodies..Good but their Star Wars troopers' joints are still loose..

alex teo said...

yeah desmond, i was most surprised by the body used for firefly - nice and tight :)

Anonymous said...

wow! they are not just toys they are WORKS OF ART ^^

alex teo said...

thanks, i think so too :) CHEERS