Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitbash 1/6 Vin Diesel as Dominic "Dom" Toretto in "Fast 5"

"Fast Five" (alternatively known as "Fast & Furious 5" or "Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist") is the fifth installment in "The Fast and the Furious" franchise. It was the character of Dominic "Dom" Toretto in "The Fast and the Furious (2001)" that propelled Vin Diesel to action hero super stardom. This was followed up by the action thriller "xXx (2002)". He finally returned to the "The Fast and The Furious" series, alongside all the actors from the original 2001 film, in "Fast & Furious", which was released in April 2009. In 2011, he once again returned, for the fifth film in the series, titled "Fast Five".

In "Fast Five", Dominic and his crew find themselves on the wrong side of the law once again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord and a relentless federal agent Luke Hobbs (played by Dwayne Johnson).

This 1/6 scale Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto 12-inch figure kitbash is based on the movie posters I'd seen (see the picture below). Dom appears to be armed with the Benelli M3 Super 90 with pistol grip stock combination 12-gauge pump action shotgun.

This was a quick kitbash just for FUN, using the Head Play 1/6 scale Vin head on a TTL 12-inch figure body. The outfit of gray polo T-shirt, blue jeans and Oakley shoes is from Soldier Story's 1/6 scale 12-inch PMC Instructor (previewed HERE). The Benelli M3 Super 90 with pistol grip stock shotgun is by Dragon Models Limited.

I wanted to use the polo T that came with collar to hide the neck joint but this collar T-shirt by Soldier Story has a turned-up collar design which I'm not particularly fond of. Obviously Vin Diesel is a much bigger man but since there are no 12-inch muscular bodies available that can accommodate Head Play's type of 1:6 scale head sculpt (i.e. the heads come with neck, unlike the newer heads that are just heads which are separated from the neck for more realistic movement), the TTL body will have to do for now.

For a better look at the TTL 12-inch figure body, head on over to my earlier post HERE where I used a Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden head sculpt on a TTL body :)

Here are some close-up shots of the Head Play 1/6 scale Vin head which does have some resemblance to Vin Diesel. I also considered using this head sculpt for a Vin Diesel as Private First Class Adrian Caparzo from "Saving Private Ryan (1998)" bash since I already have 1/6 scale Tom Hanks as Captain John H. Miller, Barry Pepper as Private Daniel Jackson and Matt Damon as Private First Class James Francis Ryan 12-inch figures.


Anonymous said...

some people cut the neck off ang modify the connector so that the sculpt can be used on muscle bodies, you could try that

alex teo said...

Yup, I've seen that being done but I'm just the straightforward bashing kind of guy and don't have a tool shed in the house :) so simple is as simple does haha CHEERS